1992Generation TerroristsManic Street Preachers3.312
1993Gold Against the SoulManic Street Preachers9
1994The Holy BibleManic Street Preachers3.511
1996Everything Must GoManic Street Preachers10
1998This Is My Truth Tell Me YoursManic Street Preachers13
2001Know Your EnemyManic Street Preachers7
2004LifebloodManic Street Preachers5
2007Send Away the TigersManic Street Preachers310
2009Journal for Plague LoversManic Street Preachers10
2010Postcards From a Young ManManic Street Preachers3
2013Rewind the FilmManic Street Preachers9
2014FuturologyManic Street Preachers37
2018Resistance Is FutileManic Street Preachers12
2021The Ultra Vivid LamentManic Street Preachers7

Album + Compilation

2001Know Our B-SidesManic Street Preachers1
2002Forever Delayed: The Greatest HitsManic Street Preachers37
2003Lipstick Traces: A Secret History of Manic Street PreachersManic Street Preachers3
2007Manic Street Preachers × 2: Generation Terrorists / Gold Against the SoulManic Street Preachers1
2011Original Album ClassicsManic Street Preachers1
2011National Treasures: The Complete SinglesManic Street Preachers3

Album + Live

2001Louder Than WarManic Street Preachers1
2009Everything LiveManic Street Preachers1

Album + Remix

2009Journal for Plague Lovers RemixesManic Street Preachers1


1988Suicide AlleyManic Street Preachers1
1991Motown JunkManic Street Preachers1
1991You Love UsManic Street Preachers5
1991Stay BeautifulManic Street Preachers5
1991Feminine Is BeautifulManic Street Preachers1
1991Love's Sweet Exile / RepeatManic Street Preachers2
1992Slash 'n' BurnManic Street Preachers3
1992Motorcycle EmptinessManic Street Preachers5
1992Theme From M.A.S.H. (Suicide Is Painless)Manic Street Preachers4
1992Little Baby NothingManic Street Preachers4
1993From Despair to WhereManic Street Preachers2
1993La Tristesse Durera (Scream to a Sigh)Manic Street Preachers3
1993Roses in the HospitalManic Street Preachers3
1994Faster / P.C.P.Manic Street Preachers2
1994RevolManic Street Preachers2
1994She Is SufferingManic Street Preachers4
1996A Design for LifeManic Street Preachers7
1996Everything Must GoManic Street Preachers3
1996Kevin CarterManic Street Preachers2
1996Further AwayManic Street Preachers1
1996AustraliaManic Street Preachers2
1996Everything Must Go / Black GardenManic Street Preachers1
1998If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be NextManic Street Preachers7
1998The EverlastingManic Street Preachers4
1998Nobody Loved YouManic Street Preachers1
1999You Stole the Sun From My HeartManic Street Preachers3
1999TsunamiManic Street Preachers2
2000The Masses Against the ClassesManic Street Preachers1
2001Found That SoulManic Street Preachers2
2001So Why So SadManic Street Preachers2
2001Ocean SprayManic Street Preachers4
2001Let Robeson SingManic Street Preachers3
2002There by the Grace of GodManic Street Preachers3
2004The Love of Richard NixonManic Street Preachers4
2005Empty SoulsManic Street Preachers3
2007UnderdogsManic Street Preachers1
2007Your Love Alone Is Not EnoughManic Street Preachers7
2007AutumnsongManic Street Preachers6
2007Indian SummerManic Street Preachers5
2007Ghost of ChristmasManic Street Preachers1
2008UmbrellaManic Street Preachers2
2010(It’s Not War) Just the End of LoveManic Street Preachers4
2010Some Kind of NothingnessManic Street Preachers4
2011Postcards From a Young ManManic Street Preachers4
2011This Is the DayManic Street Preachers3
2013Rewind the FilmManic Street Preachers feat. Richard Hawley1
2013Show Me the WonderManic Street Preachers3
2014Europa geht durch michManic Street Preachers1
2016Together Stronger (C’mon Wales)Manic Street Preachers2
2017International BlueManic Street Preachers2
2018International Blue (The Bluer Skies Version)Manic Street Preachers1
2018Distant ColoursManic Street Preachers1
2018Dylan & CaitlinManic Street Preachers feat. The Anchoress1
2018Liverpool RevisitedManic Street Preachers1
2020Spectators of SuicideManic Street Preachers ft. Gwenno1
2021OrwellianManic Street Preachers2
2021The Secret He Had MissedManic Street Preachers feat. Julia Cumming6

Single + Remix

2018Hold Me Like a Heaven (Warm Digits remix)Manic Street Preachers2
2018Hold Me Like a Heaven (Public Service Broadcasting remix)Manic Street Preachers2
Done & DustedM.S.P.0


1990New Art Riot EPManic Street Preachers2
1992Stars and StripesManic Street Preachers1
1994Life Becoming a Landslide E.P.Manic Street Preachers1
2003Forever Delayed EPManic Street Preachers1
2011Postcards From a Young Man EPManic Street Preachers1
2013Anthem for a Lost CauseManic Street Preachers1
2014Walk Me to the BridgeManic Street Preachers1
2014FuturologyManic Street Preachers1

EP + Live

2011iTunes Festival: London 2011Manic Street Preachers1

EP + Remix

2009Journal for Plague Lovers Remixes E.P.Manic Street Preachers1

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