Atomizer (Australian black metal)

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Name ISRCs Rating Length
A Cold Farewell 2:14
A Cold Farewell (Reprise) 1:41
A Date With Eternity 5:01
A Song to Swing To 3:36
Ace of Spades (Motörhead cover) 2:15
All Disfigured and Blue 3:23
And Dust We Again Shall Be 3:01
And Dust We Shall Be 3:06
And the Hunt Starts Again 2:50
And the Hunt Starts Again 3:38
And the Hunt Starts Again 3:14
As the Blackening Waves of Fear Within Me Rise 2:52
Atomic Metal Power 5:31
Black Heart Epiphany 3:10
Blacker Than Ever (Unpure cover) 2:59
Bullet in the Head 2:51
Caustic Transmissions 1:37
Cold Steel, Warm Death 2:45
Death Mutation Disease Annihilation 3:58
DMDA - In the Raw 03:02 ?:??
Esoteria Is Now in Command 3:22
Flowering Spores of Imagination 3:52
For Blackness Absolute 3:13
For Blood! For Blood! 3:16
Gimme Natural Selection 2:16
Hail Hail to the Hangman 1:35
He Couldn't Save Himself (How Do You Expect Him to Save You?) 4:10
Hesitation Wounds 3:47
Hooked on Radiation (Pet Shop Boys Orange Alert mix) 5:45
I Wish You Were a Beer (Cycle Sluts from Hell cover) 2:14
In the Mortal Realm You Roam No More 4:13
Intro 0:44
Intro: Oriax / Thy Blood Eterne 5:29
Intro: The March of Forever 1:27
Isolation 3:22
It Soon Became a Fast Track into Hell 3:33
Join the Blackheart Reich 3:34
Leave Nobody Standing 3:01
Now That's Fuckin' Evil 3:46
Now That\'s Fuckin\' Evil 3:50
One Man's Failure 3:41
Our Final Campaign 7:12
Power, Not Participation 2:29
Power, Not Participation 2:49
Ritual ?:??
Shadenfreude 4:46
So Terrified, yet in Control 2:55
Somebody's Gonna Die Tonight 3:34
Sometimes They Hear the Bullet 2:52
The Campaign 4:28
The End of Forever 7:21
The End! The End! 3:01
The Finality of Death vs. the Pursuit of Scientific Advancement 2:27
The Fog of War 1:34
The Funeral Procession 1:36
The Inevitable Mutiny 5:53
The Only Good Human (Is a Dead Human) 4:06
The Only Weapon of Choice 3:43
The Only Weapon of Choice 4:15
The Song That Sounds Your Final Dawn 0:54
The Undoer of Creation 4:07
The War That Never Ended 3:51
These Hands Will Never Be Clean 3:21
These Hands Will Never Be Clean 2:54
Unit 731 3:01
Upon the Dying Priest I Spat 4:23
Upon the Dying Priest I Spat 4:21
Upon the Lamb of God They Suckle No More 4:50
When I Die, I Wanna Die Violently 5:04
When I Die, I Wanna Die Violently 4:58
When the Demons Come 2:30

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