Lovechild (Dutch trance duo "Liberta")

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Name ISRCs Rating Length
Gloria 3:56
Gloria 2:08
Gloria (Olmec Heads) 4:16
Gloria (Original Mix) 7:17
Gloria (Prototype Remix) 7:43
Into the Right Direction 4:32
Liberta 3:53
Liberta 4:08
Liberta 6:03
Liberta 3:55
Liberta (part of “Peaktime: Bang On!, Volume 1” DJ-mix) 5:50
Liberta (part of “Trance Anthems 2009” DJ‐mix) 4:02
Liberta (part of a “MoS: Trance Nation: The Collection” DJ‐mix) 4:31
Liberta (8th Wonder remix) 6:33
Liberta (extended version) 5:28
Liberta (Moonman club mix) (part of a “Dave Pearce Presents: 40 Classic Dance Anthems” DJ‐mix) 4:16
Liberta (Moonman Club mix) (DJ mix, “Lagered! 2000”) 5:59
Liberta (Moonman mix) 3:41
Liberta (Moonman mix) 6:55
Liberta (Moonman mix) (part of a “MoS: Clubber’s Guide to… Ibiza Summer Ninety Nine” DJ‐mix) 4:36
Liberta (Moonman remix) 4:03
Liberta (Moonman remix) 6:54
Liberta (Moonman remix) 5:41
Liberta (Moonman remix) (DJ‐mix from “Gatecrasher: Red”) 3:43
Liberta (Moonman remix) (part of “Gatecrasher: Classics 2” DJ-mix) 4:31
Liberta (Moonman remix) (part of “Gatecrasher: Red” DJ-mix) 5:54
Liberta (original extended version) 5:26
Liberta (single edit) 3:51
Liberta (Unison remix) 6:26
Liberta (Unison remix) 3:46

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