members: Martin Bell (violin) (1989 – 2004)
Paul Clifford (The Wonder Stuff) (bass guitar) (1990 – 1994)
Mark McCarthy (bass guitar) (2004 –)
Andres Karu (membranophone) (2004 – 2010)
Erica Nockalls (keyboard, violin, background vocals) (2005-03 –)
Fuzz Townshend (membranophone) (2010 – 2014)
Tony Arthy (membranophone) (2014-05 –)
Dan Donnelly (Watercress, The Wonder Stuff) (guitar, mandolin, background vocals) (2014-05 –)
original members: Miles Hunt (lead vocals, guitar) (1986-03-19 –)
The Bass Thing (bass guitar) (1986-03-19 – 1989-12)
Martin Gilks (membranophone) (1986-03-19 – 2004)
Malcolm Treece (background vocals, guitar) (1986-03-19 – 2011-12)
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Date Title Artist
Don't Let Me Down, Gently The Wonder Stuff
30 Goes Around the Sun
Don’t You Ever
For the Broken Hearted
Golden Green
Good Deeds & Highs
In Clover
Last Days of the Feast
Misunderstanding Burton Heel
One Day On (So Far Away)
Radio Asskiss
The Affirmation
The Kids From the Green
It Was Me
Ten Trenches Deep
The Size of a Cow