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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Blues Today Cee-Roo 3:18
Brazilian Sun Cee-Roo 3:39
Don't Ever Be Lonely Cee-Roo 3:14
Don't Mean a Thing (feat. Zombie Squad) Cee-Roo 3:59
Ella Fitzgerald Cee-Roo 4:11
Frank Sinatra Cee-Roo 2:46
Free Cee-Roo 4:07
Gonna Make You Dance Cee-Roo 3:06
Heaven Will Welcome You (interlude) Cee-Roo 0:29
I Want to Be Evil Cee-Roo 4:43
If Cee-Roo 3:55
Intro Cee-Roo 0:53
Is It Love Cee-Roo 3:22
Jackson 5 Cee-Roo 3:28
James Brown Cee-Roo 3:25
Jim Morrison Cee-Roo 3:47
Jimi Hendrix Cee-Roo 3:23
John Lennon Cee-Roo 4:03
Lonely People Cee-Roo 4:17
Lost Nomads Cee-Roo 3:11
Love You More Cee-Roo 3:42
Make Time For Your Dreams Cee-Roo 4:00
Manha Cee-Roo feat. Daz 4:00
Marvin Gaye Cee-Roo 3:12
Music Fills Your Soul Cee-Roo 3:48
Must Get Down Cee-Roo 3:57
Nina Simone Cee-Roo 3:50
Notorious BIG Cee-Roo 4:21
Otis Redding Cee-Roo 3:43
Power Cee-Roo 2:26
Put the Law on You (interlude) Cee-Roo 0:42
Ray Charles Cee-Roo 3:28
RIP Nujabes Cee-Roo 2:10
Round and Round (interlude) Cee-Roo 0:48
Roxanne Cee-Roo feat. Sting 4:12
Tap Dance Cee-Roo 2:13
Tel Me Cee-Roo 3:10
The Days of Pearly Spencer (interlude) Cee-Roo 0:47
Towards The Unknown Cee-Roo 2:27
Way To Freedom Cee-Roo 3:33
Woman in Love Cee-Roo 1:09
Work Song Cee-Roo ?:??
You Don't Know Love Cee-Roo 3:05

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