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members: Garth Smith (bassist in Buzzcocks) (bass guitar) (1977-03 – 1977-10)
Mike Joyce (UK drummer) (1990 – 1991)
Tony Barber (bassist/guitarist (Buzzcocks)) (1992 – 2008)
original members: Steve Diggle (1976 –)
Howard Devoto (1976 – 1977)
John Maher (membranophone) (1976 – 1981)
Pete Shelley (Buzzcocks lead singer) (1976 – 2018-12-06)
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Date Title Artist Length
Autonomy Buzzcocks 3:43
Ever Fallen in Love (With Someone You Shouldn’t’ve) Buzzcocks 2:41
Just Lust Buzzcocks 3:02
Love You More Buzzcocks 1:50
Noise Annoys Buzzcocks 2:51
Oh Shit! Buzzcocks 1:37
Promises Buzzcocks 2:36
Running Free Buzzcocks 3:14
What Ever Happened To? Buzzcocks 2:15
Another Music in a Different Kitchen Buzzcocks
phonographic copyright
Boredom Buzzcocks 3:06
Breakdown Buzzcocks 2:10
Don’t Mess Me ’Round Buzzcocks 2:40
Friends of Mine Buzzcocks 2:23
I Can’t Control Myself Buzzcocks 3:12
I Love You, You Big Dummy Buzzcocks 1:24
Lester Sands (Drop in the Ocean) Buzzcocks 2:34
Love Battery Buzzcocks 2:25
Orgasm Addict Buzzcocks 2:15
Time’s Up Buzzcocks 3:18
You Tear Me Up Buzzcocks 2:40
Excerpt From ‘Prison Riot Hostage’ Buzzcocks 1:58
Libertine Angel Buzzcocks 2:56
Roll It Over Buzzcocks 6:07
Something’s Gone Wrong Again: The Buzzcocks Covers Compilation Various Artists