Sator (Swedish punk band)

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
(Pas på) Svinget i Solröd Sator feat. Kashmir 2:51
23 B.C. Sator 1:05
A Safetybelt for Susie Sator 2:31
Ain’t Seen Nothing Sator 3:25
Alone in the Endzone Sator ?:??
Angelina and Sister Ray Sator 3:39
Anxiety, Coke and Chocolate Bars Sator 3:07
Ask The Shadows Sator ?:??
At the End of Time Sator 3:11
Baby Doc Holiday Sator 4:02
Black ’n’ White Sator 3:15
Black ’n’ White Sator 3:15
Black Dog Mood Sator 1:58
Bossanova Death Trip Sator 0:50
Bound to Be Good Sator 3:53
Bound to Be Good Sator 3:54
Bughouse Baby Sator 3:07
Buy Now Pay Forever Sator 3:37
Buy Now, Pay Forever! Sator 3:53
C’mon and Love Me Sator 2:35
Can’t Shake It Sator 2:10
Can’t Shake It Sator 2:10
Crusade (Gonna Start a Fire) Sator 3:23
Dance To The Rocket From The Crypt Sator ?:??
Dancing to the Rocket From the Crypt Sator 2:13
Dillinger’s Brain Sator 1:55
Dillinger’s Brain Sator 1:55
Do the Dance Sator 1:24
Do the Dance Sator 1:18
Dog Sator 3:52
Down Sator 3:56
Drive Through the Night Sator 2:52
End of the World Sator 2:47
End of the World Sator 2:47
Escape From Pigvalley Beach Sator 2:06
Everybody's Making Plans Sator ?:??
Everybody's Making Plans Sator 4:00
Exit Sator 2:37
Freezer Sator 4:02
Friction Sator 3:26
Fuck You Sator 2:06
Fuck You Sator 2:06
Gamma Gamma Hey Sator 3:31
Gamma Gamma Hey! Sator 3:30
God Save Technology Sator 3:03
Goodbye Joey Sator 3:05
Government Official Sator 2:52
Government Official Sator 2:52
Gruesome Sunday Morning Sator 3:58
Haywire Sator 3:17
Heyday Sator 3:51
Hitch‐hike to Caudine Forks Sator 3:01
How Are Things in California Sator 2:52
How Are Things In California? Sator ?:??
How Late Is Too Late? Sator 3:39
I Don’t Want to Talk About the Weather Anymore Sator 2:46
I Guess I’m OK Sator 3:29
I Wanna Go Home Sator 3:45
I Wanna Go Home Sator 3:45
I Wanna Go Home (live) Sator 3:42
I Want You Tonite Sator 2:20
I’d Rather Drink Than Talk Sator 2:40
I’d Rather Drink Than Talk Sator 2:39
I’ll Wait Sator 1:50
I’ll Wait Sator 1:50
I’m Gone Sator 2:25
Idiot's Delight Sator 4:26
Intro/Slug It Out Sator 3:40
It Really Doesn't Matter Now Sator 3:52
It Really Doesn’t Matter Now Sator 3:49
It’s So Cold Without a Gun Sator 4:25
Jetslide Sator 2:57
Kickelkum Sator 0:38
Kiss of the Rat Sator 1:40
Kiss of the Rat Sator 1:41
Lose Control Sator 2:25
Love Bells Sator 5:13
Love MF Sator 3:24
Love MF Sator 3:26
M.A.C.H.I.N.E. Sator 1:24
M.A.C.H.I.N.E. Sator 1:24
Machine Gun Justice (A Love Song) Sator 3:05
Mental Hell Sator 2:33
My Worst Friend Sator 4:00
My Worst Friend Sator 4:00
National Guard Sator 2:26
National Guard Sator 2:26
Next to Nothing Sator 2:28
Next To Nothing (Live) Sator ?:??
No Place to Land Sator 2:58
No Reason Sator 2:56
No Solution Sator 2:09
No Solution Sator 1:58
No Time, Tomorrow Sator 3:48
No! Sator 2:58
Oh mama Sator 3:35
Oh Mama Sator 3:31
Oh Mama Sator 3:31
Om du överhuvudtaget bryr dig Johan Johansson & Sator 3:28
On the Way Down Sator 3:13

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