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Name ISRCs Rating Length
[untitled] 0:27
1995 3:31
Adult Themes 1:56
Al Gore Is a Communist 1:18
All Your Base Are Belong to Us 2:32
Amigos Fantasticos 1:09
Astrid Santana Drives a Yellow Volvo 1:09
Battle Call Against Us 0:08
Bear's Trucker Lounge 1:58
Billy Goat 1:12
Booty Plea 2:23
Boring as Cardboard 2:12
Bulimia 1:32
Christmas Time is Here 1:55
CJ. Stay Out of My Way You Country Hick 1:46
Constant Craving 3:50
Don't Do Drugs 0:47
Dreams of Recreational Boating 1:38
Eat Blazing Electric Death Bitch 3:53
Eat Blazing Electric Death Bitch 3:25
Enchanted Forest Theme 0:51
End Nero Persection 2:31
Everybody Hates Me 3:37
Everyone Gets Laid Tonight 2:03
Friday Night 2:20
Friday Night 2:18
Friends Forever 1:35
Garage Sale at Michael Jackson's House (part 1) 0:07
Garage Sale at Michael Jackson's House (part 2) 0:53
God Bless America. Amen. 0:30
Good Things Come to Those Who Sleep With Me 2:48
Good Things Still Come to Those Who Sleep With Me 2:19
Hemp Necklace 1:44
Hey I'm Thirteen Years Old 0:12
I Want to Live with My Parents Forever 2:30
I was Born in an Abortion Clinic 4:13
I'd Rather Be Gay Than Be Go Out With You 2:00
I'd Rather Be Gay than Go Out with You Again 1:43
It Takes Talent to Scream Into a Microphone 3:22
It Takes Talent to Scream Into a Microphone 3:22
Jesus Would Play This Show for Free 2:11
JesUSAves 3:15
Lazer Rock 2:51
Leprosy Strikes the Supermarket 1:20
Look Man, Please Stop Yelling for Danzig 3:43
Look, I'm Not a Frat Boy, OK 4:08
Loser 2:16
Metal Sign / Devil Sign 5:52
Midlife Crisis at Twenty One 2:39
Midlife Crisis at Twenty-One 2:38
Militant Vegan Protest 1:43
My Penis is Small 1:50
Natural Selection 1:09
Neil Young 1:11
Nice to Meet You 7:08
Nineteen Eighty Three 1:43
Ontario 2:28
Pedigree Pet 1:26
Pink Pecker 0:18
Plastic Manger Scene 2:31
Pool Party 1:43
Put Your Balls on the Line 1:39
Quit My Job for Karaoke Night 2:11
Random 5:21
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle 0:56
Return to Electric Death 0:31
Sarcastic Tone 2:06
Sausage Party 1:59
Scene Card 3:03
Shriner's Circus 0:29
Sidebuster Peckerwood 1:51
So I Do 2:52
Soccer Mom 1:32
Steve F-ing Perry 1:20
Sunday School 2:32
Take Your Credit Cards and Burn Them 1:33
Tape on Mouth 2:05
Teenage Girl Photography Phase 3:07
Teenage Makeout Garage 2:35
Thank You 0:07
That's Mr. Faggot to You 2:01
The Lawsuit About to Happen 1:05
The Night My Father Made Me a Man 2:40
The Only Artist You'll Ever Be Is a Sandwich Artist 2:14
The Streets Will Run Red with the Blood of the Nonbelievers 0:27
The Unprofessional ?:??
The Unprofessional 3:59
The Whale Song 1:07
This Next Year 4:12
Trailer Trash 1:37
Tropical Tom Remembers Our Fallen Heroes 0:23
Up 1:55
Welcome to the Salad Bar 0:54
Whale Song 1:08
Whats Wrong with My Puppy? 1:00
Why Do Fat Kids Like Metallica? 3:27
Why Do Fat Kids Like Metallica? 2:59
Wrote This Song to Sleep With You 0:37
Yearbook Picture 3:11
Yearbook Picture 3:25

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