Ora (Andrew Chalk & Darren Tate)

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
[untitled] Ora 3:35
[untitled] Ora 9:50
[untitled] Ora 21:46
[untitled] Ora 7:53
[untitled] Ora 9:37
[untitled] Ora 7:15
Abstraction Ora 9:35
Across Ora 4:48
After Rainfall Ora 21:25
Alne Cross Ora GBZMW1600135 2:26
Amber Ora GBZMW1600128 1:32
Approach to Zero Ora 17:46
Arkose Ora 12:09
Attribution to Memory Ora 12:53
Autumn Cove Ora 11:45
Below Dhaulagiri on a Path Along the Kali Gandaki River Valley Ora 12:22
Darkness Ora 11:36
Distance Ora 7:56
Faces in Hollow Ora GBZMW1600142 2:03
Flowers of Tan Ora 16:05
From a High Structure Near the Odra River Ora 8:36
From First to Last Ora GBZMW1600133 0:58
Gamelan Ora 11:23
Gamelan Ora 11:18
Gatehouse Reprise Ora GBZMW1600134 1:45
Gnome Culture Ora 9:14
Golden Hemisphere Ora 12:38
Hollym Ora 3:22
In a Forest on a Glacial Till Formation on the Puget Sound Ora 10:49
In a Shed Above an Aquifer at the Eastern Edge of the Lower Edwards Plateau Ora 8:24
In Shore / Purl Alio Die & Ora 22:05
Inastateless Ora GBZMW1600130 3:57
Ink Well Ora 8:30
Inside a Watertower in Lancashire Ora 9:31
Inside Structures on Either Side of the Meuse River Ora 8:45
Knapton Ora 5:53
Looking-Glass / Return of Life Ora GBZMW1600129 5:57
New Movements in G Ora 12:45
New Movements in G Ora 12:41
Olderness Ora GBZMW1600141 2:46
On a Stone Structure From a Granite Protrusion in the Gulf of Finland Ora 7:17
Path to Infinity Ora GBZMW1600132 4:53
Performance Ora 13:34
Picture Box Ora GBZMW1600131 2:51
Radio Daze Ora 13:16
Rosea Ora 8:50
Roses? Ora 8:07
Sadalsudd Ora 8:57
Sadalsund Ora 8:50
Sadalsuud Ora 9:02
Sadness of Beauty Ora 11:12
Shadows of the Past Ora GBZMW1600138 2:01
Stillness Ora 14:34
Sun Sheds Its Golden Tear Ora 10:54
Sunday by the Sea Ora GBZMW1600137 1:01
Taiga Ora GBZMW1600139 3:37
The Forgotten Well Ora 10:39
The Impregnable Ora 11:08
The Slope Ora 12:24
The Toper Ora 18:30
Things Shall Fall Ora 9:45
Time Out of Mind Ora GBZMW1600140 2:37
Turais Ora 4:24
Under the Watertable of the Glacial Lowlands West of the White River Ora 9:44
Windmill Ora GBZMW1600136 2:48

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