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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Home, What Home? [dialogue] 0:10
Hong Kong lifestyle [dialogue] 0:19
Honolulu Dreamin’ (jingle) (Dolphin Through) [dialogue] JPZ921504396 1:43
Hook's Garrrrden (skit) [dialogue] 0:23
Hooters [dialogue] 0:11
Hoover [dialogue] 0:42
Hoří hovno? [dialogue] 0:31
Horror [dialogue] 5:40
Horror of Dracula Horror Movie Trailer 0:52
Hos dig blir det alltid fisk [dialogue] 2:59
Hou op met lachen [dialogue] 9:18
House Announcer [dialogue] 2 2:40
House Cleaning / Get Some People Under You [dialogue] 1:16
House Cleaning / Houston, We Have a Problem [dialogue] 0:54
How About It, Gorgeous? [dialogue] 0:37
How Beatlemania Began [dialogue] 1:19
How It Went Down [dialogue] 0:22
How Many Times [dialogue] 0:21
How Much? [dialogue] 0:04
How Now, Mad Spirit? [dialogue] 0:10
Howdy Folks [dialogue] USUG10300184 0:32
Huckafooter [dialogue] 0:20
Huge Toke [dialogue] 0:29
Humor [dialogue] 1:13
Hun har ikk’ fået Runde læber af at Fløjte [dialogue] 0:17
Huub, we moeten voortmaken [dialogue] 12:57
Huub. Nee de rotatietheorie [dialogue] 9:37
Hvorfor skal’ jeg ligne en Kanin??! [dialogue] 0:26
Hypospadia [dialogue] 0:31
Hyvää iltaa Tavastia [dialogue] 0:15
I Am Sargon [dialogue] 1:07
I Call 'em Like I See 'em [dialogue] 0:27
I Catch! [dialogue] 0:04
I Did but Dream [dialogue] 0:46
I Didn't Have Much to Do With This Record [dialogue] ?:??
I Didn't Sing Very Much at All in Those Days [dialogue] ?:??
I Do Not Understand [dialogue] 2:57
I Don't Like My Job, I Don't Think I'm Gonna Go Anymore [dialogue] 0:46
I Feel Like Myself [dialogue] 0:06
I Feel Warm [dialogue] 0:11
I Have Something to Declare [dialogue] 0:21
I Have to Be on Top [dialogue] 0:36
I Kill People [dialogue] 0:09
I Like to Expand My Horizons [dialogue] 1 0:15
I Love You Mommy [dialogue] USUG10901561 0:20
I Never Ate a Dog [dialogue] 0:51
I Pledge Allegiance to the Band (dialogue: Jack Black) [dialogue] 0:49
I Read Today [dialogue] 2:13
I Secured Them… a Beatle Drink Even Then (reading) [dialogue] 3 0:18
I See You Got Fat [dialogue] 0:13
I See You’re Using an Old Style [dialogue] ?:??
I Sell Kias [dialogue] 0:06
I Still Haven't Received My Paycheck [dialogue] 0:51
I Think I Mightta Gotta Job [dialogue] 0:12
I tollen [dialogue] 2:41
I Want to Party [dialogue] USUG10901562 0:21
I Was a Teenage Frankenstein / Blood of Dracula Horror Movie Trailer 1:01
I Was a Teenage Werewolf Horror Movie Trailer 0:30
I Will Be a Woman [dialogue] 0:14
I Will Wake Him Up! [dialogue] ?:??
I'll do My Best! [dialogue] 0:09
I'll Fix It [dialogue] 0:07
I'll Switch It Off [dialogue] 0:10
I'm Angel Myers [dialogue] USUG10901563 0:20
I'm Ashamed of Myself [dialogue] 0:07
I'm Delighted [dialogue] 0:12
I'm Going to Die [dialogue] 0:10
I'm Going to the Moon [dialogue] 0:10
I'm Gonna Have to Ask You to Move Your Desk Again [dialogue] 0:50
I'm Gonna Miss You, Man [dialogue] 0:39
I'm Gonna Need You to Come in Sunday [dialogue] 0:38
I'm in a Mess [dialogue] 0:40
I'm Not a Hairdresser [dialogue] ?:??
I'm Not Fat, I'm Just Unfit [dialogue] 0:07
I'm Only 14 Movie Quote 0:36
I'm Sorry [dialogue] 0:12
I'm Takin Em All Back [dialogue] 0:10
I'm the Nurse That Likes to… [dialogue] 0:16
I've Been Waiting for You Promo [dialogue] ?:??
I’m Gonna Bang Dem Up [dialogue] 0:11
I’ve Got a Plan! [dialogue] 0:44
I’ve Got a Roll Up [dialogue] 0:06
Ich bin's, der Dieter... [dialogue] 0:28
Ich find dich komisch [dialogue] 0:06
Ich habe sein Herz gehört [dialogue] 0:38
Ich konnte nicht anders [dialogue] 1:11
Ich liebe Dich ... [dialogue] 0:11
Ich weiß nicht wohnt... [dialogue] 1:16
Ich Will Dir Nicht Wehtun [dialogue] 0:28
Ici Roméo (Extrait du film) [dialogue] 0:28
Idiots vs. the Internet [dialogue] USUR10110765 0:06
If I May [dialogue] 0:10
If I Wasn’t in America [dialogue] 0:45
If They Move My Desk One More Time I'm Quitting [dialogue] 0:45
If You Say Ferris Bueller, You Lose a… [dialogue] 0:15
If You Want... [dialogue] 0:06
Ik dacht niet, meneer Reitsema [dialogue] 3:15
Ik geloof dat ik ze hoor, Jaap [dialogue] 6:02
Ik heb een honger als een kolengrijper [dialogue] 5:30
Ik kan hier net zo goed stilstaan [dialogue] 6:25

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