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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
-Atomic Interlude- [dialogue] 0:22
-Cleansing the Palate- [dialogue] 0:34
-Talk1- [dialogue] 2:53
-Talk2- [dialogue] 1:46
-Talk3- [dialogue] 4:06
-The Dividing Line- [dialogue] 0:10
!!!ASAMI’S TRAVEL!!! [dialogue] 4:54
!!!MANAMI’S TRAVEL!!! [dialogue] 4:31
!!!We’re going!!! [dialogue] 0:46
!!!YUMI’S TRAVEL!!! [dialogue] 4:55
… and These Here Are the Soggy Bottom Boys… [dialogue] 0:18
… Come on in Boys, the Waters Fine. [dialogue] 0:48
... und machen Sie's um Gottes Willen kurz! [dialogue] 0:16
...Kids, we're going to Hawaii... [dialogue] 0:14
...People Condemn Whiskey... [dialogue] 0:56
...That's a Lightnin' Lick... [dialogue] 1:34
...These Guards All Drive Cadillacs! [dialogue] 0:30
…und noch mal [dialogue] 0:10
...vi ska gå och knulla! [dialogue] 0:34
...Would You Do Elijah's Church? [dialogue] 0:11
''Cepat kasih tahu di mana kakak elo berada'' [dialogue] 0:25
''Kakek gue penagih hutang'' [dialogue] 0:34
''Pastikan film tidak putus di tengah-tengah'' [dialogue] 0:29
''Putar rol terakhir buat gue'' [dialogue] 0:38
''Ya, gue adalah pengantar rol film'' [dialogue] 0:29
'I like birds best." [dialogue] 0:14
'In Life' [dialogue] 0:24
'Just a Second the Sixty Minute Quiz' [dialogue] 4:08
'Next Round's on the House' [dialogue] 0:35
'Pardon My French' [dialogue] 0:16
'Row, Row, Row Your Boat' [dialogue] 0:30
'There's Blood' [dialogue] 0:13
'Who, Wu?!' [dialogue] 0:37
‘It is my honor to introduce to you, Mr. McDull!’ [dialogue] 0:29
‘Victims’ of Beatlemania [dialogue] 1:09
"...Close to the Temple, Not Inside" (Chris Farley) [dialogue] 0:24
"...My Identity Must Remain Mysterious..." (Chris Farley) [dialogue] 0:19
"...We Are in Danger..." (Chris Farley) [dialogue] 0:13
"...Yes, I Guess I Did" (Chris Farley) [dialogue] 0:32
"'Snake' Plissken" [dialogue] GBAJC0002934 1:41
"A fair appraisal." [dialogue] 0:25
"Ah, You Are Indeed the Brave One…" [dialogue] 0:32
"Alex… Alex… ALEX…" [dialogue] 0:22
"Alex… Oh Alex…" [dialogue] 0:40
"All the pieces matter." [dialogue] 0:08
"An act of daily journalism." [dialogue] 0:14
"Are You a Man or a Muppet?" [dialogue] USWD11161302 0:08
"Broddmans" Radio Nord 0:59
"Broken Arrow" Explained [dialogue] 2:50
"Button mushrooms and birds." [dialogue] 0:46
"Can't make round chapattis" [dialogue] 0:09
"Can't make round chapattis" [dialogue] 0:08
"Coffee Break" [dialogue] 1:20
"Country Girl" Manuscript [dialogue] 0:50
"Cripple Creek Ferry" Manuscript [dialogue] 1:27
"Do you like music?" [dialogue] 0:04
"Don't be frightened. Mr. Gould is here.…" (Leonard Bernstein's pre-concerto comments at Carnegie Hall, New York City, April 6, 1962.) [dialogue] 4:12
"Don't Go Down There!" [dialogue] GBAJC0002942 0:20
"Down at the Ole Barbershop" [dialogue] USWD11161303 0:07
"Einklinken MegaMan" [dialogue] 0:46
"Expecting to Fly" Explained [dialogue] 0:55
"Eyes down!" [dialogue] 0:09
"Faced" [dialogue] 0:11
"Färjkarlen" Radio Nord 1:13
"Finale" [dialogue] 1:46
"Finaletto" [dialogue] 0:34
"Flying" The Balloon [dialogue] 1:06
"Get Out There and Help Those Guys" [dialogue] USWD11161306 0:06
"Good Morning Alex, You're Late Again…" [dialogue] 1:28
"Good Morning, I'm Denis. And This Is My Life." [dialogue] 1:06
"Hey, out there!" I hope nobody was! / Two more takes of the same.....but not much better. / "Ve're not in da mood, Herbert!" Neither are we. / Ol' Doc McCoy messes one up. Note support from Shatner. / "That's wrong.....I won't allow it!" says McCoy...but he means the take. / A good take. But listen to what's coming. / Someone is smoking on the set and ruins a take. / Can you imagine being delirious on cue. This actress was. / "Son-of-a-gun!" says Dee as he flubs a line. / Flub, flub, flub, flub. Guess it just wasn't his day. / Next take.....worse. Note help from Shatner. / More.....and more.....and more. Note patience of director. / "You want me to do it again?" Please, no. / Three more tries. Oh, well. / ".....under my superstition....." / Ahh, the patient director. / Shatner is too fast on the uptake. / This time it's another line. Five takes and she says she's "cracking up". / Amazing! A good take.....until someone makes a false move. / Another line. Three tries later.....Note what director says. / More of the same. / A simple take. Listen to order after take, moving another bed in for a shot from a different angle. / Even the scene cue is flubbed.....but workmen in the back make too much noise anyway / "You are insane," says Doc Coleman. If we're not yet, we soon will be! / The Assistant Director reads Kirk's line to time Dr. Lester's moves. / "Would a visits by that very kind Dr. Spock....." Doctor Spock? / Nurse Chapel gets caught in the door. She had a thing with doors. / Kirk: ".........a general courtmartial......." Spock: "I want a transfer." / Mr. Spock messes up his line. / The Great Scott/McCoy Debate. They're fine until Nurse Chapel..... / Nurse Chapel again. At least she can laugh about it! / Some quick pick-up lines. "Say goodbye to Majel," says the Director and everybody does. It was her last time on the set and one of the last scenes shot in the series. [dialogue] ?:??
"How Charming, a Finale" [dialogue] USWD11161307 0:06
"I Believe in You" [dialogue] 1:57
"I Haven't Seen the Old Gang" [dialogue] USWD11161295 0:20
"I Heard You Were Dead!" [dialogue] GBAJC0002944 0:09
"I just love the army." [dialogue] 0:12
"I Made It" [dialogue] 0:47
"I Never Dreamed We'd Say Goodbye Like This…" [dialogue] 1:09
"I'd Like to Report a Killing..." [dialogue] 0:23
"I'm Not Finished With You Yet…" [dialogue] 1:05
"I'm the Bandit" [dialogue] 0:13
"If it's a lie, then we fight on that lie" [dialogue] 0:22
"Infidels. How Dare You Invade…" [dialogue] 0:23
"Is this a promotion, sir?" [dialogue] 0:28
"It's Beckham's corner" [dialogue] 0:06
"It's Beckham's corner" [dialogue] 0:05
"It's Time for Our Song" [dialogue] USWD11161305 0:04
"Juicy juicy mangoes" [dialogue] 0:10
"Juicy juicy mangos" [dialogue] 0:08
"Karle, pojď" [dialogue] 0:33
"Later for that gangsta bullshit." [dialogue] 0:39
"Learn to cook dahl" [dialogue] 0:05
"Learn to cook dhal" [dialogue] 0:06
"Lit Him on Fire" [dialogue] 0:09
"Log-out" [dialogue] 0:52
"Lose yourself." [dialogue] 0:37
"Mary, Marry Me" [dialogue] USWD11161308 0:09
"Meeting Destiny", Part 1 [dialogue] 3:50
"Meeting Destiny", Part 2 [dialogue] 3:05
"Meeting Destiny", Part 3 [dialogue] 3:24

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