FPM (Tomoyuki Tanaka)

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Legal name: 田中知之


Fantastic Plastic Machine is the stage name of Tomoyuki Tanaka (田中知之, Tanaka Tomoyuki, born 6 July 1966), a Japanese musician and DJ born in Kyoto, Japan. Tanaka was considered to be part of the Shibuya-kei movement.

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1997The Fantastic Plastic MachineFantastic Plastic Machine3
1998LuxuryFantastic Plastic Machine54
2001beautiful.Fantastic Plastic Machine53
2003tooFantastic Plastic Machine1
2006ImaginationsFantastic Plastic Machine1
2009FPMFantastic Plastic Machine42
2011QLASSIXFantastic Plastic Machine1
2013ScaleFantastic Plastic Machine1

Album + Compilation

1997A Life of Cityboys 1992-1995小西康陽, Fantastic Plastic Machine & 斉木しげる1
2001Les PlusFantastic Plastic Machine1
2004Sound Concierge #403: “Air Conditioning”Fantastic Plastic Machine1
2005Sound Concierge #501: "Blanket"Fantastic Plastic Machine1
2005Sound Concierge #502: "Tell Me"Fantastic Plastic Machine1
2007Fantastic Plastic Machine BestFantastic Plastic Machine1
2007Sound Concierge #701: "Super Romantic"Fantastic Plastic Machine51
2008Sound Concierge JAPAN: "Japanese Lyric Dance"Fantastic Plastic Machine51
2008Sound Concierge Numéro TOKYO: “Utopia”Fantastic Plastic Machine41

Album + Compilation + Remix

1998Readymade Records RemixesPizzicato Five / 5th Garden / Fantastic Plastic Machine1

Album + Compilation + Remix + DJ-mix

2005Sound Concierge ANNEX: "Contemporary Love Songs"Fantastic Plastic Machine1

Album + Compilation + DJ-mix

1999Style #09: Dancing at the Disco at the End of the WorldFantastic Plastic Machine1
2000Very Best of FPM in the Mix~A Tatsuo Sunaga Live MixFantastic Plastic Machine2
2004Sound Concierge #402: "Four Kicks Adventure"Fantastic Plastic Machine1
2004Sound Concierge #401: “Do Not Disturb”Fantastic Plastic Machine1
2004Sound Concierge #404: "Electric Carnival"Fantastic Plastic Machine1
2007Sound Concierge #702: "Electric Heaven"Fantastic Plastic Machine41

Album + Remix

2001contactFantastic Plastic Machine2
2003zooFantastic Plastic Machine1
2010FPMブートFantastic Plastic Machine1
2016Motions [Best Killer Remixes & Produce works by FPM]Fantastic Plastic Machine1

Album + DJ-mix

2001DJ Mega-Mix BestFPM1
2010VERSUS. JAPANESE ROCK VS FPMFantastic Plastic Machine1


1997L'Aventure fantastiqueFantastic Plastic Machine2
1998Dear Mr. SalesmanFantastic Plastic Machine1
1999There Must Be an AngelFantastic Plastic Machine2
1999Take Me to the DiscoFantastic Plastic Machine2
2001Whistle SongFantastic Plastic Machine1
2001Love Is PsychedelicFantastic Plastic Machine4
2002Why Not?Fantastic Plastic Machine2
2003Reaching for the StarsFantastic Plastic Machine2
2003Never EverFantastic Plastic Machine1
2003The King of PleasureFantastic Plastic Machine1
2005Tell MeFantastic Plastic Machine1


1998SUMMER REVIEW epFantastic Plastic Machine1
1999F: International Standard: Luxury Remixes (JP)Fantastic Plastic Machine1
1999M: International Standard: Luxury Remixes (US)Fantastic Plastic Machine1
1999P: International Standard: Luxury Remixes (EU)Fantastic Plastic Machine1
2001beautiful. EP1Fantastic Plastic Machine1
2001beautiful. EP2Fantastic Plastic Machine1
2001Contact EP1Fantastic Plastic Machine1
2001contact EP2Fantastic Plastic Machine1
2001contact EP3Fantastic Plastic Machine1
2001contact EP4Fantastic Plastic Machine1

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