Scanner (Robin Rimbaud)

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legal name: Robin Rimbaud (Scanner)
member of: Githead (2004-01-30 –)
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Date Title Attributes Artist Length
The Sensations of Orgasm keyboard Laila France 3:57
Low Membrane mix Bill Laswell 5:08
Pelican City vs. Scanner Pelican City / Scanner
[untitled] (Scanner remix) Ontayso 4:54
ArAng (Scanner mix) Silvania 6:16
Arbant (Scannered) si-{cut}.db 4:36
Asa Nisi Masa (Reflected by Scanner) As One 7:49
Babylon (Aluminium Glue) The Black Dog 6:11
Burundi (The Shore Suite remix) Pigface 6:10
Convergence (The Frosted Glass Adaptor mix) B(if)tek 6:08
De-Orbit Burn (Scanner remix) Hovercraft 7:24
Do While (Scanner remix) Oval 6:53
König und Drache (Vitaltone Speaker mix) Benjamin Brunn 5:32
M.B.M. Re-animator (Scanner: Kindle and Solace mix) Meat Beat Manifesto 6:36
Morituri Te Salutant (Scanner remix) Die Haut 5:52
Mothmath (Scanner mix) Pressure of Speech 6:51
Night Tide (Scanner “Flaneur Electronique” mix) Scorn 6:31
No Zero Crossings (The Gloval Strata Mix) Obconic 8:17
Oscillations (Low Membrane mix) Bill Laswell 5:10
Prelude (Scanner remix) James McVinnie 6:10
Psychoide (remix by Scanner) Maninkari 7:39
Scanner (Reliefpfeiler Blua remix) vs. Freiland Scanner vs. Freiland 6:42
Spectral Reach (Scannered) si-{cut}.db 4:48
Subnubus: A Liminal Approach (Scanner remix Mouse on Mars) Mouse on Mars 7:43
Unknown Wave Contexts (Whimp remix by Scanner) Nonplace Urban Field 6:44
Vagus Nerve (Scanner remix) Hovercraft 7:36
Weakness Together (Dvojita Chyba mix) Tennis 5:13
Мир (remix by Scanner) Theodor Bastard 4:45