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members: John Munson
Jacob Slichter
Dan Wilson (American singer/songwriter)
has personal publisher: Big Deal Music
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Date Title Credited As Attributes Artist Length
1993 Pleasure Demo Pleasure Semisonic
All Worked Out Semisonic 2:52
California Semisonic 5:30
Closing Time Semisonic 4:34
Completely Pleased Semisonic 3:20
DND Semisonic 4:12
Gone to the Movies Semisonic 3:52
Made to Last Semisonic 5:02
Never You Mind Semisonic 4:24
Secret Smile Semisonic 4:38
She Spreads Her Wings Semisonic 3:07
Singing in My Sleep Semisonic 4:31
Sugar Sugar Mary Lou Lord feat. Semisonic 3:53
This Will Be My Year Semisonic 4:33
Act Naturally Semisonic 3:43
Bed Semisonic 4:06
Chemistry Semisonic 4:09
El Matador Semisonic 5:09
Follow Semisonic 3:44
Get a Grip Semisonic 3:34
I Wish Semisonic 7:56
One True Love Semisonic 3:51
Over My Head Semisonic 3:48
She's Got My Number Semisonic 5:02
Sunshine and Chocolate Semisonic 3:35
Surprise Semisonic 3:48
Take Me With You (live) Semisonic 4:11
Who's Stopping You? Semisonic 3:06
Chemistry Semisonic
Chemistry Semisonic
Over My Head additional Semisonic 4:09
Chemistry (The Drumhammer remix) Semisonic 6:40