Name ISRCs Rating Length
Alcoholic Clowns and Katie Couric, Screech's Huge Cock, and Granny Porn 6:06
Beaten by the Police 4:37
Bobcat Goldthwait 4:16
Bobcat Goldthwait 4:53
Bobcat Goldthwait 4:54
Bobcat's Letter to Santa 1:08
David Crosby's Sperm, and Why the Hollywood Squares Downsized Me 9:44
Fabio and the Suicidal Goose 2:18
Fabio and the Suicidal Goose 2:19
Gall Bladder 1:27
Hunters Are Gay 2:49
I Love Dick 3:12
If You're Ever on a Talk Show, Don't Set It on Fire 2:25
Jack and Bobby in Hell, Alan Thicke, Polar Bear, and Chris Reeve 8:48
Johnny Depp and the Electric Razor Ad 5:00
Mascot Suicide and Orgasm Impressions 4:51
Operation 51st State 5:34
Part 1 23:52
Part 2 23:48
Rudolf the Nine Inch Reindeer 2:13
Salt and Pepper Nutsack 3:21
Star Wars Fans Are Uber-nerds 3:51
Star Wars Geeks 2:55
Storytime With Bobcat 2:52
The Bono Story 1:19

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