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This page is for the German band Popol Vuh. There was a Norwegian band named Popol Vuh too, which was renamed Popol Ace in 1975. It is listed here.

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Popol Vuh were a German electronic avant-garde band founded by pianist and keyboardist Florian Fricke in 1969 together with Holger Trülzsch (percussion), Frank Fiedler (recording engineer and technical assistance) and Fricke's newlywed wife Bettina (tablas and production). Other important members during the next two decades included Djong Yun, Renate Knaup, Conny Veit, Daniel Fichelscher, Klaus Wiese and Robert Eliscu. The band took its name from the Popol Vuh, a manuscript containing the mythology of the Post-Classic Quiché Maya people of highland Guatemala and southeast Mexico; the name translates roughly as "meeting place". In the Quiché language Popol Vuh translates as: "Book of the Community", "Book of Counsel", or more literally as "Book of the People".

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Year Title Artist RatingReleases
1970 Affenstunde Popol Vuh 5
1971 In den Gärten Pharaos Popol Vuh 5 3
1972 Hosianna Mantra Popol Vuh 4 4
1973 Seligpreisung Popol Vuh 3
1974 Einsjäger & Siebenjäger Popol Vuh 5 4
1975 Das Hohelied Salomos Popol Vuh 3
1976 Letzte Tage - Letzte Nächte Popol Vuh 2
1976 Yoga Popol Vuh 2
1978 Brüder des Schattens - Söhne des Lichts Popol Vuh 3
1979 Die Nacht der Seele: Tantric Songs Popol Vuh 3
1981 Sei still, wisse ich bin Popol Vuh 2
1983 Agape-Agape/Love-Love Popol Vuh 2
1985 Spirit of Peace Popol Vuh 2
1991 For You and Me Popol Vuh 2
1991 Tantric Songs / Hosianna Mantra Popol Vuh 1
1992 Florian Fricke Plays Mozart Popol Vuh 1
1993 Future Sound Experience Popol Vuh 1
1993 Sing, for Song Drives Away the Wolves Popol Vuh 1
1995 City Raga Popol Vuh 1
1997 Shepherd's Symphony Popol Vuh 2
1998 Messa di Orfeo Popol Vuh 1

Album + Compilation

Year Title Artist RatingReleases
1983 In the Gardens of the Pharao / Aguirre Popol Vuh 1
1988 Gesang der Gesänge Popol Vuh 2
1992 Affenstunde / Die Nacht der Seele - Tantric Songs Popol Vuh 1
1992 The Best Soundtracks From Werner Herzog Films Popol Vuh 1
1993 Aguirre / In den Gärten Pharaos Popol Vuh 1
1993 Best of Popol Vuh: From the Films of Werner Herzog Popol Vuh 1
1998 Nicht hoch im Himmel Popol Vuh 1
2011 Revisited & Remixed 1970–1999 Popol Vuh 1
2015 Kailash Popol Vuh, Florian Fricke 1

Album + Compilation + Soundtrack

Year Title Artist RatingReleases
2010 The Werner Herzog Soundtracks Popol Vuh 1

Album + Soundtrack

Year Title Artist RatingReleases
1976 Aguirre (Aguirre, der Zorn Gottes) Popol Vuh 4 6
1977 Herz aus Glas Popol Vuh 3
1978 Nosferatu Popol Vuh 5
1987 Cobra Verde Popol Vuh 2
1996 Fitzcarraldo Popol Vuh 1


Year Title Artist RatingReleases
2008 Mika Vainio / Haswell & Hecker Remixes Popol Vuh 1

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