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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
5th Sun Pictureplane 3:45
Asics Inside Of A Mountaintop Pictureplane 4:19
Bad Captain Swag Sole and the Skyrider Band feat. Lil B & Pictureplane 5:01
Black Nails Pictureplane 4:03
Blood All Over My Hands Again Pictureplane 2:29
Blood on the Trance Floor Pictureplane 4:46
Body Mod Pictureplane 3:59
Boys in Blush Pictureplane 3:36
Breath Work Pictureplane 4:10
Bringing The Dead Outside Pictureplane 4:10
Chaos Radical Pictureplane 3:51
Colors Melt Poppy Seedlings Pictureplane 4:50
Crystal Skull Caravan Pictureplane 4:52
Cyclical Cyclical (Atlantis) Pictureplane 2:27
Cyclical Cyclical (Atlantis) Pictureplane 2:27
Dark Rift Pictureplane 5:15
Day Glowwed Pictureplane 4:32
Death Condition Pictureplane 2:55
Dimensional Rip III Pictureplane 3:44
Double Sets Of Lungs Now Pictureplane 3:10
Esoterrorist Pictureplane 4:26
Flashion (You Designed My Mind) Pictureplane 5:37
Football Player Stadiums Pictureplane 4:18
Found Too Low (feat. Zach Condon) Pictureplane 5:11
Free Cruise Ships Pictureplane 3:47
Future Step Pictureplane 4:01
Gang Signs Pictureplane 4:35
Golden Policeman Pictureplane 2:10
Goth Star Pictureplane 3:18
Goth Star Pictureplane ?:??
Harsh Realm Pictureplane 3:43
Hurt Dirt Pictureplane 4:01
Joyrider Pictureplane 3:27
Live Forever Pictureplane 3:23
My Head Is So Dead Now Pictureplane 2:20
My Jacket Smells Like Faces Pictureplane 2:27
Negative Slave Pictureplane 3:23
Neon Herts For Eyes Pictureplane 5:27
New Mind Pictureplane 3:38
No Law Pictureplane 4:15
Parallel//Arrival at the Turquoise Dimension Pictureplane 3:36
Post Physical Pictureplane 4:17
Pure War Pictureplane 4:03
Real Is a Feeling Pictureplane 4:35
Real Is a Feeling Pictureplane ?:??
Real Is a Feeling (Grimes remix) Pictureplane ?:??
Riot Porn Pictureplane 3:18
Self Control Pictureplane 4:16
Sex Mechanism Pictureplane 3:09
Sick Machine Pictureplane 3:32
Slit Red Bird Throat Pictureplane 4:56
Slow It Up Pictureplane 2:44
Solid Gold Pictureplane 4:40
Street Pressure Pictureplane 3:26
Sweet Anything Kool A.D. feat. Ceschi, Sole & Pictureplane 4:23
Techno Fetish Pictureplane 4:01
Technomancer Pictureplane 3:27
Temporary Infinity Pictureplane 3:12
Tha Dark Lord//Warp to Level 8 Pictureplane 1:23
The Turquoise Trail Pictureplane 2:03
Thee Power Hand Pictureplane 5:02
Time Teens Pictureplane 3:18
Touching Transform Pictureplane 4:44
Trance Doll Pictureplane 4:36
Trance Doll Pictureplane 3:42
Trancegender Pictureplane 4:17
Transparent Now (Thin Veil) Pictureplane 4:08
Transparent Now (Thin Veil) Pictureplane 3:15
True Ruin Pictureplane 9:01
Wearing a Nothing Cloak Pictureplane 4:15
Why Dont You Just Fade Away I Pictureplane 3:17
Wide Awake At My Own Funeral Pictureplane 2:32
Witchcraft Lazer Pulse Pictureplane 4:06

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