Hamish Henderson

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Date Title Attributes Artist Length
12.12.92 (A March for Democracy) / Freedom Come All Ye
liner notes
The Stewarts of Blair Alex, Belle, Cathie and Sheila
Freedom Come-All-Ye
1951 Lang Johnnie More John Strachan 1:33
1951 Robin Hood and Little John John Strachan 0:40
1951 The Beggarman (The Gaberlunzie Man) John Strachan, Maggie and Sarah Chambers & Togo Crawford 3:44
1951 The Royal Forester (The Knight and the Shepherd's Daughter) John Strachan 2:45
1951 The Trooper and the Maid Jimmy MacBeath 3:28
1955 The Battle of Harlaw Jeannie Robertson & Lucy Stewart 4:22
1955 The Bonny Hoose o' Airlie Belle Stewart 4:20
She is a Rum One Jeannie Robertson 2:42
The Wind Blew the Bonny Lassie's Plaidie Awa' (Three Versions) Jimmy McBeath, Duncan Burke & Jeannie Robertson 1:17
1951 Lang Johnnie More background vocals [chorus] John Strachan 1:33
The Merchant's Son additional and guest Davie Stewart 2:49
The Overgate Belle Stewart with Hamish Henderson 3:42
Charleston Alley
Farewell to Sicily