EventTypeRoleLocationDate TimeRating
KISS at Rupp Arena (1983-01-06)Concertsupport act 1983-01-06
KISS at Wendler Arena at Saginaw Civic Center (1983-01-07)Concertsupport act 1983-01-07
KISS at Sports Arena (1983-01-08)Concertsupport act 1983-01-08
KISS at University of Dayton Arena (1983-01-09)Concertsupport act 1983-01-09
KISS at Glens Falls Civic Center (1983-01-16)Concertsupport act 1983-01-16
KISS at Onondaga County War Memorial Arena (1983-01-18)Concertsupport act 1983-01-18
KISS at Rochester Community War Memorial (1983-01-20)Concertsupport act 1983-01-20
KISS at Cumberland County Civic Center (1983-01-21)Concertsupport act 1983-01-21
KISS at The Centrum (1983-01-22)Concertsupport act 1983-01-22
KISS at Providence Civic Center (1983-01-23) (cancelled)Concertsupport act 1983-01-23
KISS at The Scope (1983-01-25)Concertsupport act 1983-01-25
KISS at Von Braun Civic Center (1983-01-27)Concertsupport act 1983-01-27
KISS at Boutwell Auditorium (1983-01-28)Concertsupport act 1983-01-28
KISS at UTC Arena (1983-01-29)Concertsupport act 1983-01-29
KISS at Nashville Municipal Auditorium (1983-01-30)Concertsupport act 1983-01-30
Rock the Park 7, Day 2 (2010-07-23)Festivalmain performer 2010-07-23
Alice Cooper’s Christmas Pudding 2010 (2010-12-18)Concertmain performer 2010-12-18
Night Ranger on The KISS Kruise III (2013-10-29)Concertmain performer 2013-10-29 17:00
Night Ranger on The KISS Kruise III (2013-10-31 – 2013-11-01)Concertmain performer 2013-10-31 – 2013-11-01 23:00
Rockfest 80’s 2016, Day 1: East Stage (2016-04-02)Festivalmain performer 2016-04-02
Night Ranger at House of Blues (2016-05-07)Concertmain performer 2016-05-07
M3 Rock Festival 2018, Day 2 (2018-05-05)Festivalmain performer 2018-05-05
RockFest 80’s 2018, Day 2: Main Stage (2018-11-11)Festivalmain performer 2018-11-11