Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Absturzkontrolle Rich.vom.Dorf. 1:11
As at the First Look Rich.vom.Dorf. 3:06
Aufprallvorbereitung Rich.vom.Dorf. 1:11
Blue Hour Rich.vom.Dorf. 3:16
Broken Shoulder Rich.vom.Dorf. 4:12
Cut Your Hair Dude (Marcapasos & AirDice remix) (part of “Kontor: Top of the Clubs, Volume 73” DJ‐mix) Rich vom Dorf feat. C2‐Datei 3:52
Dove Visit Rich.vom.Dorf. 3:01
Dryed Tears Rich.vom.Dorf. 3:15
Earfear Rich.vom.Dorf. 3:43
Egobug Rich.vom.Dorf. 3:18
Foam Bath Rich.vom.Dorf. 3:55
Fooled Time Rich.vom.Dorf. 4:00
Frozen Lake Rich.vom.Dorf. 4:02
Living on a Bag Rich.vom.Dorf. 4:39
Momento (Georgies Tageslicht Remix) RichVomDorf 7:45
Momento (Hakan Lidbo Remix) RichVomDorf 5:31
Momento (Pseudonimo Rebuild) RichVomDorf 9:26
Momento (Tampopo vs. Garry Grand Remix) RichVomDorf 8:14
Momento A RichVomDorf 5:51
Momento B RichVomDorf 6:56
Mova (part of a “Kontor: Top of the Clubs, Volume 66” DJ‐mix) Rich vom Dorf & C2‐Datei 3:56
Paperback Rich.vom.Dorf. 5:20
Paperback Rich.vom.Dorf. ?:??
Roast Hare Rich.vom.Dorf. 3:35
Switch On Rich.vom.Dorf. ?:??
Tie and Hat Rich.vom.Dorf. 4:39
Tie and Hat (Stefanos Kourtis remix) Rich.vom.Dorf. 3:03
Undecided Rich.vom.Dorf. 4:16
Uta Rich.vom.Dorf. 4:51
Western Movies Rich.vom.Dorf. 4:05

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