B*Witched (Irish girl group)

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Are You a Ghost? B*Witched GBBBM9902225 4 3:37
B*Witched Go to the Moon B*Witched GBBBM9802091 1:49
B*Witched Megamix (12" version) B*Witched 7:47
B*Witched Megamix (short version) B*Witched 4:48
B*Witched Quiz Show B*Witched GBBBM9800008 2:24
B*Witched's Message to Santa B*Witched GBBBM9802173 0:54
Blame It on the Weatherman B*Witched GBBBM9802105 4 3:33
Blame It on the Weatherman B*Witched 3:22
Blame It on the Weatherman (Amen club mix) B*Witched 7:10
Blame It on the Weatherman (Chicane vocal edit) B*Witched 5:01
Blame It on the Weatherman (orchestral version) B*Witched GBBBM9902051 4 3:31
Blame It on the Weatherman (without drums) B*Witched 3:20
Blame It on the Weathermen (Chicane mix edit) B*Witched 4:19
C'est La Vie (k-klass remix edit) B*Witched 3:14
C'est la Vie (live) B*Witched 3:18
C’est la vie B*Witched GBBBM9802021
5 2:53
C’est la vie (karaoke) B*Witched 3:12
C’est la vie (part of “Mixdown 99” DJ-mix) B*Witched 3:47
C’est la vie (Dog in the River mix) B*Witched 6:44
C’est la vie (K Klass epic club mix) B*Witched 7:30
C’est la vie (K-Klass Epic Klub remix) B*Witched 5:38
C’est la vie (K‐Klass Epic Klub remix) B*Witched 3:40
C’est la vie (remix edit) B*Witched 3:13
C’est la vie (Skynet Glass Palace vocal mix) B*Witched 8:03
Castles in the Air B*Witched GBBBM9802096 5 4:18
Champagne or Guinness B*Witched 3:44
Coming Around Again B*Witched GBBBM9902230 3:36
Does Your Mother Know B*Witched 3:11
Don’t Say Never B*Witched 3:56
Fly Away B*Witched GBBBM9802172 3:03
Freak Out B*Witched GBBBM9802098 3 2:14
Get Happy B*Witched GBBBM9802088 3:05
Hold On B*Witched 3:13
I Shall Be There B*Witched feat. Ladysmith Black Mambazo GBBBM9902218 5 4:13
I Shall Be There (The Bold & The Beautiful Christmas Tree Fairy mix) B*Witched 8:44
I Shall Be There (The Tomski mix) B*Witched 6:53
If It Don’t Fit B*Witched GBBBM9902221 4 3:38
In Fields Where We Lay B*Witched GBBBM9902223 4 2:30
Intro/We Four Girls (live) B*Witched 4:39
It Was Our Day B*Witched GBBBM9902226 4 3:21
Jesse Hold On B*Witched GBBBM9902173
4 3:20
Jesse Hold On (karaoke version) B*Witched GBBBM9902215 3:16
Jesse Hold On (The Bold and the Beautiful Glamour mix) B*Witched 6:44
Jesse Hold On (The HB Source 7" Upfront mix) B*Witched 6:13
Jesse Hold On (video) B*Witched ?:??
Jessie Hold On (live) B*Witched 3:29
Jump Down B*Witched GBBBM9902220 3 3:06
Jump Down (Almighty Definitive mix) B*Witched 6:50
Jump Down (The Bold & Beautiful in Memphis mix) B*Witched 6:53
Leaves B*Witched GBBBM9902222 5 3:16
Leaves (live) B*Witched 4:44
Let’s Go (The B*Witched Jig) B*Witched GBBBM9802106 4 1:25
Like the Rose B*Witched GBBBM9802099 5 3:56
Megamix B*Witched 4:49
Mickey B*Witched 3:30
My Superman B*Witched GBBBM9902227 3 3:04
Never Giving Up B*Witched GBBBM9802097 4 3:37
Oh Mr. Postman B*Witched GBBBM9802100 4 3:29
Play That Funky Music B*Witched 3:22
Red Indian Girl B*Witched GBBBM9902229 4 3:36
Rev It Up B*Witched GBBBM9802101 4 4:00
Rollercoaster B*Witched GBBBM9802056
4 3:24
Rollercoaster (radio version) B*Witched 3:05
Rollercoaster (Amen UK full vocal mix) B*Witched 8:10
Rollercoaster (full length video) B*Witched 3:24
Rollercoaster (live) B*Witched 3:10
Rollercoaster (Silk's Uplifting 7" mix) B*Witched 4:04
Rollercoaster (Silk’s Uplifting extended mix) B*Witched 7:07
Rollercoaster (snipped) B*Witched 0:42
Someday B*Witched GBBBM9902224 4 3:28
Thank ABBA for the Music Steps, Cleopatra, Tina Cousins, B*Witched & Billie GBBBM9902054 3 4:07
Thank ABBA for the Music (karaoke) Steps, Cleopatra, Tina Cousins, B*Witched & Billie 4:10
Thank ABBA for the Music (TTW 12″ remix) Steps, Cleopatra, Tina Cousins, B*Witched & Billie 6:31
The Shy One B*Witched GBBBM9902228 3 3:10
The Stars Are Ours B*Witched 3:55
To You I Belong B*Witched GBBBM9802104
5 3:06
To You I Belong (Amen UK 12" mix) B*Witched 9:01
To You I Belong (snipped) B*Witched 0:30
To You I Belong (The Wide Slam mix) B*Witched 5:23
To You I Belong (Wide Slam remix) B*Witched 5:25
Together We’ll Be Fine B*Witched GBBBM9902052 3:20
Video Message B*Witched ?:??
We Four Girls B*Witched GBBBM9802102 3 3:08
We Four Girls B*Witched GBBBM9800007 1:52
We Four Girls (snipped) B*Witched 0:26

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