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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
[silence] Freaks 0:05
2 Please U (Losoul Surreal Visits dub) Freaks 6:58
2 Please U (Losoul Surreal Visits dub) (part of “Âme: Coast2Coast” DJ-mix) Freaks 2:59
2 Please U (LoSoul's Surreal Visits dub) (part of “Saturday Night Sunday Morning” DJ-mix) Freaks 2:14
2 Please U (Surreal Visits dub) (part of “The Place Ibiza, Vol. 1” DJ-mix) Freaks 3:11
80's Throwback Freaks GBCWJ0205212 3:50
80's Throwback (90's Comeback) Freaks 2:48
80s Throwback Freaks 3:51
770128295-04... So What?!!? Freaks 4:02
770128295-04... So What?!!? Freaks 4:03
A Separate Reality Freaks 3:56
Bad Acid Freaks 5:01
Black Shoes White Socks Freaks 7:03
Black Shoes White Socks (Darius Syrossian remix) Freaks 7:40
Blam! (Lil Mark's Blamjamthankyouman remix) Freaks 6:13
Blam! (The New Jam) Freaks GBCWJ0205216 3:32
Boiling Point (B.H.Q. Private Stock) Freaks 8:44
Boiling Point (BHQ club vocal) (part of "Live in Tokyo" mixed by Mark Farina) Freaks 3:45
Conscious (Henrik Schwarz remix) Freaks & 012 6:59
Conscious (Henrik Schwarz remix) / Buddah (a cappella) (part of a “Defected in the House: Ibiza ’11” DJ‐mix) Freaks & 012 / DJD feat. Anthony Joseph 7:58
Conscious Of My Conscience (Dubstramental) Freaks & 012 9:46
Conscious Of My Conscience (Henrik Schwarz Dub) Freaks & 012 ?:??
Conscious Of My Conscience (Henrik Schwarz Remix) Freaks & 012 ?:??
Conscious Of My Conscience (Johnny D Remix) Freaks & 012 8:30
Conscious Of My Conscience (Vocal Mix) Freaks & 012 ?:??
Creep (Maetrik Fusion edit) Zeta Reticula & Freaks 5:37
Creeps (Get on the Dance Floor) Freaks 2:46
Creeps (You're Giving Me) (Vandalism mix) Freaks 5:19
Dance & Disorder (From the Wax mix - With Acid) Freaks 9:13
Dance & Disorder (Lil' Mark's Disorderly dub) Freaks 6:51
Dance & Disorder (Mark Farina's Chip dub) Freaks 5:33
Dance and Disorder Freaks 6:08
Death of a Filter Freaks 8:34
Discorobot Freaks 5:23
Discorobot Freaks 4:17
Discorobot Freaks 5:18
Discorobot (Rob’s No Ears dub) (part of a “Balance Presents Electric_03” DJ‐mix) Freaks 3:53
Discorobot (Robs No Ear Dub) Freaks 4:35
Don't smile Freaks ?:??
Fix It Freaks GBCWJ0205207 3:17
Freaks Dance Intro (part of a “Superclub Presents Supperclub Cruise” DJ‐mix) Freaks 3:55
Freaky Dance Freaks ?:??
Freaky Dance (intro) Freaks ?:??
Freaky Dance (Sample) Freaks 2:33
Freaky Dance Intro Freaks 4:56
Go Away Freaks 5:41
Go Away Freaks 5:40
Hang Up Your Hang Ups Freaks GBCWJ0205206 2:26
Hang Up Your Hangups Freaks 2:31
He's Angry Freaks GBCWJ0205214 3:18
He's Angry (Argy & Honey Dijon Remix) Freaks, Honey Dijon & Argyris Theofilis 5:50
He's Angry (DJ Dinnermoney's Highly Strung mix) Freaks ?:??
He’s Angry (DJ Dinnermoney’s Highly Strung mix) Freaks 3:33
Instrument (instrumental) Freaks ?:??
Instrument (Soul Capsule Off It) Freaks 6:09
Instrument (Soul Capsule On It remix) (part of a “Fabric 17: Akufen” DJ‐mix) Freaks 3:06
Instrument (Soul Capsule On It) Freaks 7:14
Journey Into Happiness Freaks 4:04
Lemon Days Freaks 10:36
Lemon Days Freaks 10:08
Look Behind You Freaks 4:21
Look Behind You (Home & Garden dub) Freaks 6:27
Loopstop / Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) Freaks 9:13
Love Hate Freaks GBCWJ0205211 3:13
Love Hate (Induceve remix) Freaks ?:??
Love Hate (Induceve remix) (part of “San Francisco Sessions 5” DJ-mix) Freaks ?:??
Lucid Times Freaks 3:00
Lucid Times Freaks 3:21
Methods in Madness Freaks 3:00
Methods in Madness Freaks 2:53
Mindless Funk Freaks 4:20
Mindless Funk Freaks 3:29
Mr Roachclip Freaks ?:??
Mr. Roachclip Freaks 7:08
Music For Your Feet Freaks 4:14
Mute Freaks 1:02
My Bloody Animal Freaks 2:35
My Bloody Animal Freaks 2:35
My Bloody Animal (remix) Freaks 3:30
My Bloody Animal (remix) Freaks 3:34
My Dream Freaks 3:21
My Dream Freaks 3:21 Freaks 7:19
Naked Freaks 4:42
No Way Back Freaks 4:06
No Way Back (demo version) Freaks 2:45
No Way Back (short demo version) Freaks 5:15
Nyce & Slo Freaks GBCWJ0205213 4:01
Present the Creeps (You're Giving Me) Freaks 4:55
Psycho Delia Freaks GBCWJ0205209 1:28
Repetition Is a Form of Change Freaks 0:26
Right Now (original demo mix) (part of "House of Om" mixed by Mark Farina) Freaks feat. Robert Owens 4:04
Robotic Movement Freaks 4:19
Robotic Movement (2016 Remaster) Freaks 4:18
Summertime Boogie Freaks 4:08
Switchin' Channels (2nd Shift mix) Freaks 5:20
Switchin' Channels (2nd Shift Mix) Freaks 5:20
Switchin' Channels (2nd Shift remix) Freaks 7:19
Switching Channels Freaks GBCWJ0205210 2:21
Tame Freaks 3:33

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