DJ Zany (Hardstyle DJ)

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member of:Shadowlands Terrorists (ended)
Pavo & Zany
Zany & DV8 (Raoul van Grinsven & Peter Aldenzee)
legal name:Raoul Van Grinsven (dj zany)
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DateTitleCredited AsAttributesArtistLength
Annihilating (part of “Defqon.1: Festival 2007” DJ-mix)ZanyDJ Zany meets The Beholder4:06
Atrocity (part of “Defqon.1: Festival 2007” DJ-mix)ZanyDonkey Rollers2:54
Creatures (part of “Defqon.1: Festival 2007” DJ-mix)ZanyNoisecontrollers4:08
Digital Nation (part of a “Defqon.1 Victory Forever” DJ-mix)ZanyTechnoboy, Isaac & Tuneboy3:13
Faster 'n Further (part of a “Defqon.1 Victory Forever” DJ-mix)ZanyNoisecontrollers3:12
Fever (part of “Defqon.1: Festival 2007” DJ-mix)ZanyZany & DV83:38
Followers (part of a “Defqon.1 Victory Forever” DJ-mix)ZanyDonkey Rollers2:47
Go Go Go (part of a “Defqon.1 Victory Forever” DJ-mix)ZanyJulian DJ & Davide Sonar1:57
Gold (24k Fix) (part of a “Defqon.1 Victory Forever” DJ-mix)ZanyMax Enforcer3:18
Heaven (DJ Isaac remix) (part of a “Defqon.1 Victory Forever” DJ-mix)ZanyDash Berlin ft. Do3:21
Let's Rock (Wildstylez remix) (part of a “Defqon.1 Victory Forever” DJ-mix)ZanyTatanka3:35
Lose My Mind (part of a “Defqon.1 Victory Forever” DJ-mix)ZanyBrennan Heart & Wildstylez2:39
Maximum Force (part of a “Defqon.1 Victory Forever” DJ-mix)ZanyZany2:05
Memento (part of a “Defqon.1 Victory Forever” DJ-mix)ZanyBrennan Heart2:09
Motherf*ck (Zany rework) (part of a “Defqon.1 Victory Forever” DJ-mix)ZanyDonkey Rollers2:49
Music Made Addict (part of a “Defqon.1 Victory Forever” DJ-mix)ZanyD‐Block & S‐te‐Fan3:31
No Guts No Glory (Defqon.1 Anthem 2015) (part of a “Defqon.1 Victory Forever” DJ-mix)ZanyRan-D ft. Skits Vicious5:46
Nothing Else Matters (part of “Defqon.1: Festival 2007” DJ-mix)ZanyZany & DV85:18
Nothing Else Matters (part of a “Defqon.1 Victory Forever” DJ-mix)ZanyZany & DV84:22
On the Edge (part of a “Defqon.1 Victory Forever” DJ-mix)ZanyDJ Isaac1:59
Outside World 2009 (Outside Spacer remix) (part of a “Defqon.1 Victory Forever” DJ-mix)ZanyFrontliner vs. Marc Acardipane3:09
Phases (TBY Romantic mix) (part of a “Defqon.1 Victory Forever” DJ-mix)Zany2 Best Enemies3:35
Release (part of a “Defqon.1 Victory Forever” DJ-mix)ZanyAtmozfears ft. David Spekter3:40
Rock Civilization (part of a “Defqon.1 Victory Forever” DJ-mix)ZanyHeadhunterz3:04
Sky High (Technoboy remix) (part of a “Defqon.1 Victory Forever” DJ-mix)ZanyDJ Zany2:07
Summer of Hardstyle (part of a “Defqon.1 Victory Forever” DJ-mix)ZanyProppy & Heady3:50
Tekno Music (part of “Defqon.1: Festival 2007” DJ-mix)ZanyDJ Pavo4:16
The Colour of the Harder Styles (Defqon.1 Anthem 2006) (part of a “Defqon.1 Victory Forever” DJ-mix)ZanyShowtek2:48
The Sound of the Underground (part of a “Defqon.1 Victory Forever” DJ-mix)ZanyDJ Isaac2:56
The Unknown (part of “Defqon.1: Festival 2007” DJ-mix)ZanyDJ Tony4:29
Trippp! (part of “Defqon.1: Festival 2007” DJ-mix)ZanySouthstylers3:22
World of Madness (Defqon.1 Anthem 2012) (part of a “Defqon.1 Victory Forever” DJ-mix)ZanyHeadhunterz & Wildstylez vs. Noisecontrollers4:54
Blutonium Presents Hardstyle, Volume 8medium 2Various Artists
Defqon.1 Victory ForeverZanymedium 5Frequencerz / N-Vitral / Warface / Ransom / Zany & DJ Isaac
Hard Bass 2011medium 2Various Artists
Fuck HardstyleThe Pitcher feat. Zany & DV83:00
Acid Nightmare (DJ Zany remix)A*S*Y*S6:22
Face the Enemy (Zany remix)Brennan Heart6:00
Face the Enemy (Zany remix) (part of “Decibel 2010” DJ-mix)ZanyBrennan Heart4:42
Face the Enemy (Zany remix)Brennan Heart5:04
Face the Enemy (Zany remix)Brennan Heart5:06
L'Amour Toujours (Zany remake)ZanyGigi D’Agostino4:22
Mash (Zany remix)Dana5:49
Motherf*ck (DJ Zany remix)Donkey Rollers5:08
Motherf*ck (Zany rework) (part of a “Pussy Lounge, Part 6” DJ-mix)ZanyDonkey Rollers2:20
Night After Night (Zany remix edit)Noisecontrollers2:57
Night After Night (Zany remix)Noisecontrollers3:11
Night After Night (Zany remix)Noisecontrollers?:??
Night After Night (Zany Remix) (Part of "HARD with STYLE Episode #7")Noisecontrollers?:??
Puta Madre (DJ Zany remix)Showtek3:46
Puta Madre (Zany remix)Showtek6:18
Rattle Brain (Zany remix) (part of “Decibel 2011” DJ-mix)ZanyRazzle Dazzle Trax1:36
Rattlebrain (DJ Zany remix)Razzle Dazzle?:??
Veritas (Zany remix)A-Lusion5:22
Veritas (Zany remix) (part of “Fuck the System” DJ‐mix)ZanyA-Lusion4:36
Veritas (Zany remix) (part of “Decibel 2010” DJ-mix)ZanyA-Lusion3:24