Rotting Christ (Greek Black Metal)

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1993Thy Mighty ContractRotting Christ4
1994Non serviamRotting Christ55
1996Triarchy of the Lost LoversRotting Christ56
1997A Dead PoemRotting Christ6
1999Sleep of the AngelsRotting Christ3.54
2000KhronosRotting Christ3
2002GenesisRotting Christ5
2004Sanctus DiavolosRotting Christ53
2007TheogoniaRotting Christ5
2010AealoRotting Christ2
2013Κατά τον δαίμονα εαυτούRotting Christ5
2016RitualsRotting Christ5
2019The HereticsRotting Christ5

Album + Compilation

1995The Mystical MeetingRotting Christ1
2006Passage to Arcturo + Non serviamRotting Christ2
2007Thanatiphoro AnthologioRotting Christ1
2017Abyssic Black CultRotting Christ1
2018Their Greatest Spells: 30 Years of Rotting ChristRotting Christ2
2018Under Our Black CultRotting Christ1
2018Abyssic Black MetalRotting Christ1
2020Athanatoi Este - The Years BetweenRotting Christ1

Album + Live

2009Non serviam: A 20 Year Apocryphal StoryRotting Christ1
2015Lucifer Over AthensRotting Christ2
2021The Early Days (Live in Studio)Rotting Christ1


1992Dawn of the IconoclastRotting Christ1
1993ΑποκαθήλωσιςRotting Christ1
2017Primordial EvilRotting Christ / Necromantia1
2020Fire and FlameRotting Christ1


1989The Other Side Of LifeSound Pollution / Rotting Christ1
1991Passage to ArcturoRotting Christ6
1991Rotting Christ / MonumentumRotting Christ / Monumentum1
1997The Mystical MeetingRotting Christ1
1999Der perfekte TraumRotting Christ1
2012Naturdemonernas lockrop: I 1000 djävlars namn / The Chasm DepthsRotting Christ / Negative Plane1
2013Promo 1995Rotting Christ1
2018The CallRotting Christ1

EP + Demo

1988Leprosy of DeathRotting Christ1
1989Satanas TedeumRotting Christ2
1992Ade's Winds…Rotting Christ2
2016The Other Side of LifeRotting Christ1

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