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collaborator on: The Hard Way (Collab between Bong-Ra, Thrasher and Limewax)
legal name: Jason Köhnen (1997 –)
member of: Servants of the Apocalyptic Goat Rave
original member of: Deathstorm (breakcore/grindcore collaboration of Bong-Ra and Maruosa)
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Date Title Artist Length
Junglist! Bong‐Ra
VOODOOM Bong‐Ra & Deformer presents VOODOOM
Bloodclot Techno The DJ Producer vs. Bong‐Ra 6:30
Center of the Sun (Bong‐Ra remix) EPROM 3:56
Diabolical (Bong-Ra remix) Deformer 4:29
Felbomlasztott mentőkocsi (Bong-Ra remix) Venetian Snares 3:56
Flesh Ants (Bong‐Ra & Gore Tech remix) Author & Punisher 4:22
Flesh Ants (Bong‐Ra & Gore Tech VIP remix) Author & Punisher 5:16
Ganja Man Ting (Bong-Ra remix) Run Tingz Cru feat. Blackout J.A 5:40
Grynde (Bong-Ra remix) Cakebuilder 4:20
Hayden's Ghost (Bong-Ra mix) Larvae 4:34
Heretic (Bong‐Ra remix) Gore Tech 5:33
Ori Ede (Bong-Ra remix) Deformer 3:21
Phuneral Phuture (Bong‐Ra remix) Phuture Doom 5:01
Senki dala & Öngyilkos vasárnap (Bong-Ra remix) Venetian Snares 4:23
Street Fighter (Bong‐Ra remix) Angerfist 5:06
Szamár madár (Bong-Ra remix) Venetian Snares 5:48
Szerencsétlen & Második galamb (Bong-Ra remix) Venetian Snares 4:46
Terrorbird (Bong‐Ra & Gore Tech remix) Author & Punisher 3:36
Terrorbird (Bong‐Ra remix) Author & Punisher 3:50
What Happened (Bong‐Ra remix) Dope D.O.D. 5:20