Name ISRCs Rating Length
Over the Rainbow - Somewhat Overindulgent 2:41
Over the Rainbow (Somewhat Overindulgent) 2:41
Parody Tonight: Oh What a Beautiful Moron/One Foot More 5:45
Patti Lupone in Gypsy 6:20
Patti Lupone-I Get a Kick Out of Me 3:50
Patti-Class (Patti Lu Pone in Masterclass): Patti-O Mio Bambino, Callas/ Glenn Close but No Cigar-A... 6:51
Phantom of the Musical (Gold Finger) 4:41
Phantom of the Musical & Goldfinger - Lloyd Weber 4:40
Pirates of Penzance Sequence 5:55
Poor Butterfly - M. Butterfly 2:29
Poor Butterfly (M. Butterfly) 2:29
Pretty Voices Singing (Christmas Bells Are Ringing) 2:21
Ragtime Segment: Gagtime / New Muzac / A Really Long Note / I'll Can Never Win Back My Award / Make Them Shoot You / Gagtime 9:31
Rant (Rent) 2:21
Rap Battle ?:??
Return to Merman and Martin - Everything’s Coming Up Merman 4:23
Robert Goulet Sequence 3:06
Rosie Perez 1:46
Saturday Night Fiasco: Stayin' Alive 1:46
Season of Hype (Season of Love) 2:42
See Me on a Monday 2:41
Sharon Stone 2:20
Show Boat Medley: P.C. Show Boat / Make Believe / Ol' Show Show Boat 2:38
Somewhat Overindulgent 2:42
Somewhere Under the Rainbow 2:22
Sondheim: Putting Up Revivals 2:55
Sondheim's Blues: Buddy's Blues 2:58
Sour Charity (bonus) 2:57
South Pacific Segment 6:27
Spamalot 3:30
Spring Awakening 9:14
Stephen Sondheim Finale 3:19
Stop Cats! - A Chorus Cat: Meow! I Hope I Get It (You're Just in Love) 3:09
Straight Guy's Winter's Prom ?:??
Straight Is Back ?:??
Streisand's Farewell Tour: Happy Days Are Here Again / Mame 4:24
Stritch 2:03
Stupidcarelessfictionalnonsensicalverbosness 2:13
Summer Movies 5:42
Super-Frantic-Hyper-Active-Self-Indulgent-Mandy 2:42
Swan Lake 2:58
Tale of Two Cities Segment 3:30
The Be-Littled Mermaid 2:43
The Beauty Queen of Leenane 2:47
The Boy Who's Odd (I Go to Rio / Everything Old Is New Again) 3:05
The Crime Scene (Tomorrow / On Broadway) 4:24
The Film When It Happens ?:??
The Full Monty: Let It Go 1:05
The Impossible Song (bonus) 1:44
The King Is Her: Whistle a Sondheim Tune / Shall We Boink? 4:28
The Ladies Who Lunch (The Ladies Who Screech) 4:22
The Lion King Segment: The Circle of Mice / Julie Taymor & Her Puppets / Can You Feel the Pain Tonight? 6:12
The Music Man Revival 2001: Till There Was You 3:09
The Pajama Game 2:32
The Rain in Spain - Madonna's Brain 3:26
The Rain in Spain (Madonna's Brain) 3:27
The Sound of Music in Cabaret 2:38
The Tony Nominating Committee: Victor/Ignor-Ee-Ya (Victor/Victoria) 1:25
The Who’s Tommy 3:38
There's No Broadway Like Forbidden Broadway (There's No Business Like Showbusiness) 2:12
They Shouldn't Be in Pictures 2:41
This Ain't Boheme (La Vie Boheme) 3:58
Thoroughly Perky Millie (Thoroughly Modern Millie) 2:03
Ticket Beggar Woman ?:??
Ticket Beggar Woman #2 ?:??
Time I Said 'goodbye' 1:53
Titanic -The Musical: In Every Season / Ship of Air / I Must Get Off This Ship / The Reviews Are... / Bottom / The Side of the Ship... 8:14
Tomorrow 1:01
Tomorrow - Annie II 1:01
Tomorrow (Annie II) 1:01
Too Gay for You - Too Het'ro for Me (Today for You - Tomorrow for Me) 1:47
Topol - If I Were a Rich Man/If I Sing It Slower 3:08
Triplets 2:15
Trouble in New Tork City: Trouble 3:26
Trouble in New York City 3:12
Welcome to the Tonys (Welcome to the Sixties) 3:15
What Did You Miss? ?:??
Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Cries ?:??
Who's Gay in Hollywood 2:57
Wicked & The Flying Monkeys 3:37
Wickeder (Popular / Defying Gravity) 1 6:02
Xanadude 2:47
Ya Got Trouble - Trouble in New York City 3:11
Yoko Ono on Broadway (bonus) 4:33
You Can't Stop the Camp 3:53
You Gotta Get a Puppet (You Gotta Get a Gimmick) 3:13
Young Frankestein 2:13

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