Name ISRCs Rating Length
Fugue for Tinhorns - Fugue for Scalpers 1:51
Fugue for Tinhorns (Fugue for Scalpers) 1:52
Futuristic Stewardess/Usherette: Come Fly With Me 1:16
Gagtime-A Really Long Note 1:38
Give My Regards to Broadway & Yankee Doodle Dandy - George M 2:14
Give My Regards to Broadway & Yankee Doodle Dandy (George M) 2:15
Grease - Infomercial With Fran & Barry Weissler & Sally Struthers: (You're the One That I Want, L... 3:22
Grey Gardens 3:22
Grim Hotel 6:12
Gump, the Magic Movie 2:55
Guys and Dolls Sequence 3:44
Gwen Verdon & The Fosse Dancers: I'm a Brass Band / Steam Heat 3:47
Harvey Fierstein as Tevye (If I Were a Rich Man) 1:06
Hey, Big Spender - Hey, Bob Fosse 2:43
Hey, Big Spender (Hey, Bob Fosse) 2:44
Hits and Bombs / Blurry Hues / You'll Know / Shut Up, Barbra! 7:22
I Am My Own Cast (Wilkommen) 2:24
I Am What I Am - I Ham What I Ham 2:14
I Am What I Am (I Ham What I Ham) 2:14
I Couldn't Hit the Note 1:38
I Enjoy Being a Cat 2:32
I Love Patti (I Love Paris) 2:26
I Sleep With Everyone 2:00
I'll Blow the Budget of Waterworld 2:03
Imitation Is the Sincerest Form of Flattery 4:41
Import-Gavotte 2:15
In the Heights Segment 3:09
Into the Woods & Weekend in the Country - Into the Words 2:54
Into the Woods & Weekend in the Country (Into the Words) 2:54
Into the Words 2:55
It Sucks to Be Us (It Sucks to Be Me) 4:08
It's D'sgusting 3:42
It's Martin Guerre 2:39
Jekyll & Hyde 2:35
Jersey Goys 2:24
Joseph and the Amazing High 'C': Any Dream Will Do 1:50
Judi Dench: Why Can't the English? 1:50
Julie Andrews - I Could Have Danced All Night/I Couldn’t Hit the Note 1:36
Julie Andrews Hosts Pbs (Do Re Mi / Fun Fun Fun) 3:19
Kiss Me Kate 2:27
Kiss Me Kate - Corrective Casting - Jerry & Liza (So Miscast) 1:49
Kiss Me, Kate Revival 2001: Wunderbar 1:48
Kristen Chenoweth: Glitter & Be Glib 2:56
Ladies Who Lunch - Ladies Who Screech 4:22
Le Julie Hot (Le Jazz Hot) 0:41
Les Miserable Sequence 7:09
Let's Run Times Square Again: Let's Do the Time Warp Again 3:04
Life Is Like a Box of Chocolates 2:54
Light in the Piazza (bonus) 4:15
Liza 2:42
Liza 2:41
Liza Minnelli 2001/Alan Cumming in Cabaret: Wilkommen 3:48
Liza One-Note 4:22
Make 'em Bleed 3:38
Mamma Mi-Diorce (Mamma Mia / Dancing Queen) 2:07
Marin Mazzie: I Hate Men 1:37
Mary Poppins 2:12
Mary Poppins - 2nd Season 3:14
Mein Film Career 5:28
Merman & Martin 3:11
Merman & Martin Sequence 3:40
Mess of the Spider Woman 6:16
Michael Crawford Sequence 3:31
Miss Saigon Farewell: Why God Why? 2:28
More Miserable Sequence 10:45
More Miserable Sequence: C'Est Magnifigue (Les Miserables) / End of the Day (End of the Play).... 10:47
More Miserable: Ten Years More 3:24
Most Men 2:39
Movin' Out (My Life) 2:06
Ms. Saigon - Tonight Who Will Play Miss Saigon? 3:14
Mug Brothers 6:57
My Musical Comedy Smile 3:00
My Singin' Is a Pain 2:19
My Souvenir Things 2:06
Never Never Land - Never, Never Panned 1:31
Never Never Land (Never, Never Panned) 1:31
No Leading Lady Tonight (Luck Be a Lady Tonight) 3:07
O-Todd-Ao 2:29
Old Revivals! 2:29
Opening & Who do They Know? 3:24
Opening & Who Do They Know? 3:24
Oscar Sequence 2:25
Ouch! They're Tight (Out Tonight) 1:50
Over the Rainbow - Somewhat Overindulgent 2:41
Over the Rainbow (Somewhat Overindulgent) 2:41
Parody Tonight: Oh What a Beautiful Moron/One Foot More 5:45
Patti Lupone in Gypsy 6:20
Patti Lupone-I Get a Kick Out of Me 3:50
Patti-Class (Patti Lu Pone in Masterclass): Patti-O Mio Bambino, Callas/ Glenn Close but No Cigar-A... 6:51
Phantom of the Musical (Gold Finger) 4:41
Phantom of the Musical & Goldfinger - Lloyd Weber 4:40
Pirates of Penzance Sequence 5:55
Poor Butterfly - M. Butterfly 2:29
Poor Butterfly (M. Butterfly) 2:29
Pretty Voices Singing (Christmas Bells Are Ringing) 2:21
Ragtime Segment: Gagtime / New Muzac / A Really Long Note / I'll Can Never Win Back My Award / Make Them Shoot You / Gagtime 9:31
Rant (Rent) 2:21
Return to Merman and Martin - Everything’s Coming Up Merman 4:23
Robert Goulet Sequence 3:06
Rosie Perez 1:46

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