Duffy (Welsh singer, songwriter and occasional actress)

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Ar Lan Y Mor Duffy 2:58
Big Flame Duffy ?:??
Big Flame Duffy 1:55
Breaking My Own Heart Duffy GBUM70812531 3:58
Breaking My Own Heart (live: London, UK) Duffy 4:39
Breath Away Duffy GBUM71029099 4:12
Cariad Dwi'n Unig Aimée Duffy 3:43
Delayed Devotion Duffy GBUM70711530 2:58
Deseria (Adapted From Hope There’s Someone) Duffy 3:19
Dim Dealltwriaeth Aimée Duffy 5:05
Distant Dreamer Duffy GBUM70711279 5:06
Don’t Forsake Me Duffy GBUM71029115 4:01
Endlessly Duffy GBUM71029095 2:59
Enough Love Duffy GBUM70804108 3:19
Enough Love Duffy 4 3:16
Fool for You Duffy GBUM70816385 3:47
Frame Me Duffy 2:41
Girl Duffy GBUM71029119 2:27
Hanging On Too Long Duffy GBUM70711529 3:56
Hard for the Heart Duffy GBUM71029098 4:58
Hedfan Angel Aimée Duffy 4:41
I’m Scared Duffy GBUM70711531 3:09
Keeping My Baby Duffy GBUM71029096 2:50
Live and Let Die Duffy 3 2:53
Live and Let Die Duffy 2:48
Lovestruck Duffy GBUM71029100 2:52
Loving You Duffy 2:12
Mercy Duffy GBUM70711275 3.75 3:40
Mercy The Game feat. Duffy 0:59
Mercy Duffy 3:50
Mercy Duffy 3:50
Mercy Duffy 3:42
Mercy Duffy 3:43
Mercy Duffy 3:37
Mercy Duffy 3:37
Mercy Duffy 3:39
Mercy Duffy 3:40
Mercy Duffy 3:41
Mercy Duffy 3:42
Mercy Duffy 3:40
Mercy Duffy GBUM70711275 3:40
Mercy Duffy ?:??
Mercy (live, Carter Subaru Mountain Music Lounge, Seattle, WA, USA) Duffy 3:15
Mercy (live, Cities 97 Studio C, St. Louis Park, MN, USA) Duffy 3:04
Mercy (live, Radio 1's Live Lounge) Duffy GBCAD0800480 3:06
Mercy (live: London, UK) Duffy 4:00
Mercy (Gareth Wyn remix edit) Duffy 3 4:46
Mercy (Gareth Wyn remix) Duffy 4:09
Mercy (Hot 22 vocal remix) Duffy 4:06
Mercy (remix) Duffy feat. The Game 3:47
My Boy Duffy GBUM71029097 3:27
Oh Boy Duffy GBUM70711116 2:30
Please Stay Duffy GBUM70816387 3:27
Put It in Perspective Duffy 3:27
Rain in Your Parade Duffy 3:28
Rain on Your Parade Duffy GBUM70814499
3 3:28
Rain on Your Parade Duffy ?:??
Rain on Your Parade Duffy 3:31
Rain on Your Parade Duffy 3:27
Rockferry Duffy GBUM70710968 2 4:14
Rockferry (live) Duffy with Bernard Butler 3:59
Rockferry (live: London, UK) Duffy 4:16
Save It for Your Prayers Duffy 3:03
Serious Duffy GBUM70711278 4:11
Smoke Without Fire Duffy ?:??
Smoke Without Fire Duffy GBUM70816092 4:01
Stay With Me Baby Duffy GBUM70902412 3:53
Stepping Stone Duffy GBUM70711527 3 3:29
Stepping Stone Duffy ?:??
Stepping Stone Duffy 3:20
Stepping Stone (Cavemen remix) (part of a “FabricLive 47: Toddla T” DJ‐mix) Duffy 3:36
Stop Duffy GBUM70816386 4:10
Syrup & Honey Duffy GBUM70711528 3:18
Tomorrow Duffy 3:09
Tomorrow (live: London, UK) Duffy 3:15
Too Hurt to Dance Duffy GBUM71029116 3:16
Warwick Avenue Duffy GBUM70711277 3 3:47
Warwick Avenue Wale & 9th Wonder feat. Duffy 3:26
Warwick Avenue Duffy 3:49
Warwick Avenue Duffy 3:47
Well Well Well Duffy GBUM71028732 5 2:43
Well Well Well (acoustic version) Duffy 3:09
Well Well Well (Digital Dog radio edit) Duffy 2:25
Well, Well, Well Duffy 2:43
Well, Well, Well Duffy GBUM71028732 2:43
You Are Duffy 4:46

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