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Angry People
      Better Place
      • English
        Better Place Becomes Reality
                Combat Dance
                    Cooking Up Yah Brain
                        Dis Original Style
                            Hardcore Junglism (Isms and Scisms)
                                I Can't Stand It
                                    Make Yah See Spiders on the Wall
                                        Move Wid the House Groove
                                            Mr. Kirk’s NightmareSong
                                            • English
                                              Never Been to Belgium (Gotta Rush)
                                                  Oblivion (Head in the Clouds)
                                                      Rainbow People
                                                          Try to Love Me
                                                              Universal LoveSong
                                                              • English
                                                              • 5909222 (BMI ID)
                                                              • 0F4-2555-1 (JASRAC ID)
                                                              We Bring the Trophy
                                                                  Where's the Boy
                                                                      You Held My Hand