Steve Porter (DJ)

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member of: Agent 001
Portabello (prog house / trance)
performs as: Hush & Chop Shop
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Date Title Attributes Artist Length
Porterhouse, Volume 2 Various Artists
Voice Mail Lady The Key of Awesome 2:18
Bubble Bath (Martin Accorsi remix) (part of a “Perfecto Presents… Sandra Collins” DJ‐mix) Agent 001 6:57
Inner Laugh (Steve Porter mix) additional Roland Klinkenberg 10:16
3 Nights in a Blue Room (Steve Porter mix) Fred Numf vs. Five Point 0 7:53
Cubism (Steve Porter remix) Mezz 6:48
Inner Laugh (Steve Porter mix) Roland Klinkenberg 10:16
Jetblack (Steve Porter remix) Luigi 7:28
Mojo (Steve Porter remix) Filterfuks 6:54
Passenger (Steve Porter remix) Ballroom 10:14
Resistance (Stever Porter remix) (part of a “Response” DJ‐mix) Fusion feat. Matt Hardwick 6:31
Smooth (Steve Porter mix) iiO 9:16
Smooth (Steve Porter radio) iiO 3:31
Sorry Mate You've Got the Wrong House (Steve Porter's Back on Track remix) (part of “Interpretations II” DJ-mix) Two Right Wrongans 8:22
Yaaaah! (Fortier Introduces Porter to 1990 remix) (part of “Fade Records presents Audiotour” DJ-mix) D-Shake 6:29