Kano (UK hip-hop artist)

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Fuck Intro's Kano 0:59
Fuck the Chorus Kano ?:??
Fuck the Chorus (instrumental) Kano ?:??
Fuckin' With the Team Kano 2:17
Game Over Kano 3:51
Gangsta Toyz Demon feat. Kano 3:07
Garageskankfreestyle Kano 4:43
GarageSkankFreestyle Kano 4:43
Get a Life Kano 2:44
Get Out of My House The Streets feat. Bruza, D Double E & Kano 3:18
Get Set Kano 0:51
Get Set (Run the Road Edition) Kano & Low Deep feat. Ghetto, Seac, Demon, and Doctor ?:??
Get Set (Run the Road Edition) Low Deep feat. Kano, Ghetto, Big Seac, Demon and Doctor 4:19
Get Wild Kano feat. Aidonia & Wiley 3:52
Get Wild Kano feat. Aidonia & Wiley 3:52
Get Wild Kano feat. Aidonia & Wiley 3:51
Get Wild (original) Kano feat. Aidonia & Wiley 3:53
Get Wild (original) Kano feat. Aidonia & Wiley ?:??
Get Wild (Redlight remix) Kano ?:??
Ghetto Kid Kano GBFFS0500024 3:04
Good 4 Me Kano 3:58
Grime MC Kano 3:51
Gyal Dem Ting: Danger Love Riddim Kano 3:37
Hail Kano 3:31
Hail Kano 3:31
Happy New Fuckin’ Year Kano 3:11
High Heels v Converse Kano 4:06
Home Sweet Home Kano GBFFS0500023 3:37
How We Livin Terror Danjah feat. Kano, Scorcher, Chipmunk & Wretch 32 3:27
How We Livin' Kano GBFFS0500026 3:48
How We Move Kano 3:50
Hunting We Will Go Kano feat. Ghetto 4:31
Hurt Kano 1:54
Hustler Kano 1:23
Hustler Kano 4:51
I Don't Give a Fuck Kano 3:03
I Don't Know Why Kano GBFFS0500028 3:56
I Feel Like Kano 2:29
I Get Money Freestyle Kano 2:47
I Like It Kano 2:45
I Stand by It Kano 0:46
I Write Bars Till the Milk Man Comes Kano 2:13
I'm Back Kano 2:10
Imagine Kano 2:59
In the Studio With Kano & Craig David Kano 4:26
Interlude Kano 1:23
Intro Kano 1:23
Intro Kano 0:15
iPod Generation Kano 0:55
Is This Grimey Enough? Kano 4:17
It's Me N Word Kano 1:39
Jamrock Kano 2:13
Jamrock Freestyle Kano 2:13
Jenga Kano feat. Vybz Kartel 3:59
K.A. Party Kano 2:33
Kano Kano 3:43
Kano Come in Earthquake Kano 2:17
Kano in the House (Pon De Floor) Kano 2:02
Kano Stencils Kano 0:32
Kids Wiv Gunz Kano 1:34
Kinda Like a Big Deal (KA Freestyle) Kano 2:12
Lady Killer Kano feat. Ghetts 2:31
Layer Cake Kano 4:14
Leave Me Alone DaVinche feat. K.T. & Kano ?:??
Leaving Me Alone DaVinche feat. Katy Pearl & Kano 3:54
Lethal Weapon: Quickie Kano 3:47
Little Sis Kano 3:25
Live Once Plan B feat. Kano GBFFS1200095 4:30
Loc Dog - Fashion Question Kano 0:21
Loc Dog - I Don't Usually Kano 0:38
Loc Dog Intro - Girls Over Guns Kano 1:16
London Town Kano GBFFS0700042 4:53
Maad Kano 3:24
Me & My Microphone Kano GBFFS0700043 3:34
Mic Check Kano GBFFS0500045 3:11
Mic Check Kano 0:56
Mic Check (sampler version) Kano ?:??
Mic Check (remix) Kano 1:03
Mic Check (remix) Kano feat. Demon and Ghetto ?:??
Mic Check (remix) Kano feat. Demon and Ghetto 3:17
Mic Check 1-2 (remix) Kano 3:06
Mic Check 1, 2 Kano ?:??
Mic Fight Kano feat. Demon and Wiley GBFFS0400150 4:58
Mic Fight Kano feat. Demon & Wiley 4:36
Mic Fight (remix) Kano feat. Demon & Wiley 4:51
Millenium Thugs Kano 1:23
Missing Me Kano 2:12
Money in the Bank Freestyle Kano 1:21
Money on My Mind Kano 2:56
Money on My Mind Kano 1:55
Mr Me Too Kano 2:12
Mr. Miyagi Kano 3:55
Ms. What’s Her Name Kano 3:08
My Name Is... KANO Kano 3:24
My Sound Kano 6:17
New Banger Kano 4:50
Next Level Wiley feat. J2K, Tinchy Stryder & Kano 3:21
Nite Nite Kano GBFFS0500055 4:46
Nite Nite Kano 4:22
Nite Nite Kano feat. Mike Skinner ?:??

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