Name ISRCs Rating Length
Another Golden Oldie Night for Wendy USAT20402526 3:44
Ask the Rain 1:58
Beyond the Tears USAT20403512 3:48
Broken Hearted Me USAT20402527 3:52
Calling for You Again USAT20403513 2:46
Candles of Our Lives 3:07
Carolina 2:42
Carry On 3:19
Casey 3:28
Caught Up in the Middle USAT20402532 4:10
Children of the Half-Light USAT20402528 3:47
Don't Feel That Way No More USAT20402357 3:07
Dowdy Ferry Road USAT20402358 3:24
Elysian Fields 2:50
Everything’s Gonna Be Alright USAT20403547 3:09
Falling Stars USATL0200384 2:56
Free the People 2:20
Gone Too Far USAT20201199 2:59
Hold Me USATL0200383 3:32
Hollywood Heckle & Jive USAT20402524 4:09
Holocaust USAT20402362 3:09
I Hear the Music 3:18
I’d Really Love to See You Tonight USAT20181306 2:38
I’ll Stay USAT20403543 3:23
I’m Going to Find Tomorrow 3:35
I’m Home 2:10
Idolizer 3:09
If the World Ran Out of Love Tonight USAT20403509 3:02
In It for Love USATL0200382 3:36
It’s Not the Same USAT20403546 2:41
It’s Sad to Belong USAT20201197 2:53
James at 15 (It's All Up to You) 0:54
Just Tell Me You Love Me 2:43
Just Tell Me You Love Me (instrumental) 2:46
Just the Two of Us USAT20403514 2:21
Keep Your Smile USAT21304012 2:54
Lady USAT20201193 4:08
Lady Rose 2:49
Leaving It All Behind 3:04
Legendary Captain 3:40
Life Is Beautiful 2:25
Long Way Home USAT20403544 3:20
Love Is the Answer USAT20402530 4:41
Love Is the One Thing We Hide USAT20402359 2:54
Lovin’ Somebody on a Rainy Night USAT20403511 3:09
Matthew 3:27
Maui 2:23
Miss Me 3:06
Movin’ on Down the Line 2:28
Mud and Stone 2:46
Never, Never Night 0:56
New Jersey 3:00
Nights Are Forever Without You USAT20201191 2:53
Only a Matter of Time USAT20402531 3:18
Part of Me, Part of You 2:20
Rainbows for Your Eyes 2:20
Rolling Fever USAT20402529 3:25
Running After You USAT20402533 3:08
Showboat Gambler USAT20201194 2:45
Simone 2:51
Soldier in the Rain USAT20201198 4:46
Some Things Don’t Come Easy USAT20201202 4:26
Stay by the River 4:01
Swamp River 2:20
Tell Her Hello 2:02
The Pilot 2:37
The Prisoner USAT20201195 3:30
The Time Has Come 2:57
There’ll Never Be Another for Me USAT20403545 2:54
Tomorrow 3:28
Used to You 3:00
Wanting You Desperately USAT20390022 3:34
We’ll Never Have to Say Goodbye Again USAT20201200 2:51
Westward Wind USAT20201196 3:24
What Can I Do With This Broken Heart USAT20402525 3:14
What I'm Doing 5:32
What’s Forever For USAT20402534 3:24
Where Do I Go From Here USAT20402360 2:59
Who’s Lonely Now USAT20201201 3:19
Why Is It Me USAT20201205 4:14
Winning Side 3:15
You Can't Dance USAT20403510 2:59
You Know We Belong Together USAT20402361 3:01

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