members: Yaniv Haviv ( – ????)
Avi Nissim
Lior Perlmutter
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Date Title Attributes Artist Length
Back to Galaxy Astral Projection
In the Mix medium 1 and medium 2 Astral Projection
Another World (2017 remix) Astral Projection 9:22
Do You Believe (Astral Projection Remix) X-Dream 10:52
Feeling Very Weird (Astral Projection High Freakage Cut) The Infinity Project 10:20
Feeling Very Weird (Astral Projection remix) The Infinity Project 10:59
Filtertraces (Astral Projection remix) Filteria 10:09
God Is a DJ (Astral Projection remix) Faithless 9:48
God Is A DJ (Astral Projection rmx) Faithless 9:45
Into The Heartland (Astral Projection Remix) (Remix) Digicult & U‐Recken 8:51
Into the Heartland (Astral Projection rmx) Digicult & U‐Recken 8:53
LSD (Astral Projection remix) Hallucinogen 8:44
Midian (Astral Projection remix) Blue Planet Corporation 9:33
Mugen (Astral Projection remix) Prana 9:21
Overbloody Flood (Astral Projection remix) Blue Planet Corporation 8:35
Oxygene (Astral Projection Remix) John ‘00’ Fleming & The Digital Blonde 8:06
Rain (Astral Projection remix) X-Dream 9:43
Rain (Astral Projection remix) Electric Universe 8:44
Shivas India (Astral Projection Remix) 1200 Micrograms 8:33
Stimuli (Astral Projection remix) The Infinity Project 7:28
Strange World (Astral Projection remix) (part of a “Psy-Trance Euphoria 2” DJ‐mix) Push 6:05
Trance Dance Astral Projection 9:33
Y-Salem (Astral Projection Remix) Astral Projection & SFX 8:37
Ten Astral Projection