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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
All Skies Stained White Milkymee 2:47
Ayesha Sol Milkymee 1:23
Bring My Harp Milkymee 2:17
Douda Milkymee 0:45
Everyday Routine Milkymee 2:30
Ghost With the Most Milkymee 2:06
Hemma Hos Mig Milkymee 1:17
Hemma Hos Mig 2 Milkymee 1:25
In a Rented Room Milkymee 2:59
In and Out of Grace Milkymee 4:35
Kick the Crap Milkymee 1:47
Koenji Monley Milkymee 3:08
Make Way for the Mittens Milkymee 1:59
Manpower Milkymee 0:59
Milky Way Milkymee 3:40
Monkey on a Drip Milkymee 2:09
Nathalie Brown Milkymee 5:07
No End in Sight Milkymee 2:37
No End in Sight 2 Milkymee 3:28
Not So Bad Milkymee 2:04
One Way Path Milkymee 1:51
Powergrudge Milkymee 3:34
Screwdriver Milkymee 1:32
Sidelines for Nicke Milkymee 1:59
Silver Dollar Milkymee 1:52
Sleezy Bar Milkymee 2:29
Snowballing Milkymee 1:49
Spider Monkey Song Eric Ramsey & Milkymee 5:21
The Girl Next Door Milkymee 2:10
Whatever the Shit I Say Milkymee 3:20
White Wine and Sleeping Pills Milkymee 4:05
You Were Always on My Mind Milkymee 3:57
Your Baby Mind Milkymee & Without Face 2:03

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