Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
African on the Moon (skit) Aphrodelics 0:42
All My Love (skit) Aphrodelics 0:31
Aphro Inferno Aphrodelics 3:43
Boombox Aphrodelics 3:47
Boombox (skit) Aphrodelics 0:46
Bounce Aphrodelics 4:05
Chromatic Aphrodelics feat. Masta Ace Inc. 4:10
Consider the Name Aphrodelics feat. Patrice 3:58
Consider the Name Aphrodelics 3:58
Crossfire Aphrodelics feat. Supremacy 5:39
Die Hard Aphrodelics 2:04
Don't Fuck Around Aphrodelics feat. John Wayne 5:22
From Queens 2 Vie Aphrodelics feat. Tango & Cash 3:39
Give It Up Aphrodelics 4:41
Glamour Girl Rodney Hunter feat. Aphrodelics 4:43
Guess Who? Aphrodelics 4:31
Hangin On Aphrodelics 3:58
Heat Seeker Aphrodelics 4:44
Holdin It Down Aphrodelics feat. Xplicit 4:50
Interlude Aphrodelics 0:49
Interlude Aphrodelics 0:32
Intro Aphrodelics 2:06
Intro Aphrodelics 1:42
Look How Real It Get's Aphrodelics 3:31
Negroglycerin Aphrodelics feat. Spezializtz 4:26
Nothing To Loose (Stereo Mc's Remix) Aphrodelics 5:13
Nothing to Lose Aphrodelics 3:52
On the Rise Aphrodelics 5:09
On the Rise Aphrodelics 6:05
On the Rise, Part 1 Aphrodelics 5:08
Rhymebook Aphrodelics 4:33
Rollin on Chrome Aphrodelics 4:46
Rollin on Chrome Aphrodelics ATB159800159 3:50
Rollin' on Chrome Aphrodelics 5:35
Rollin' on Chrome (instrumental) Aphrodelics 3:46
Rollin' on Chrome (Wild Motherfucker dub) (part of a “Hôtel Costes, Volume 1: France et Choiseul” DJ‐mix) Aphrodelics 4:47
Rollin' On Chrome (Wild Motherfucker Dub) Aphrodelics 5:39
Rollin’ on Chrome (Wild Motherfucker dub) Aphrodelics 5:40
Rollin’ on Chrome (Wild Motherfucker dub) (part of a “Hôtel Costes, Volume 1: France et Choiseul” DJ‐mix) Aphrodelics 4:47
Scandalous Aphrodelics feat. Jane Doe 4:29
Sometimes (skit) Aphrodelics 0:35
Soulmusic Aphrodelics 4:13
Stand Tall Aphrodelics 4:23
Streetburner Aphrodelics feat. Curse 3:54
Streetburner Aphrodelics feat. Curse 3:53
The Anthem Aphrodelics 3:12
The Genesis DJ Tomekk feat. Aphrodelics 4:09
Where You Headn'? Aphrodelics 4:44

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