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Date Title
A Cerberus Agent (Mass Effect 3)
A Future That Many Will Never See (Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut)
A Very Dangerous Place (Mass Effect)
Across the Steppe
Adoy's Enclave
An End, Once and for All (Mass Effect 3)
Assault on Dragonspear
Baldur's Gate Nightfall
Battle at Eden Prime (Mass Effect)
Battling Saren (Mass Effect)
Blood for Sport
Breeding Ground (Mass Effect)
Castle Ruins
Cloud Peaks
Combat Simulator Mirror
Combat Simulator Tier 1
Combat Simulator Tier 2
Combat Simulator Tier 3
Combat Simulator Tier 4
Convincing Jack
Crusaders at Coast Way Crossing
Danger in the Wild
Dark Waters Flow
Darkness and Light (Movie 1)
Defiant till the Very End
Descent Into Peril
Devils in the Tower
Dream's Return
Duel to the Death
Farewell and Into the Inevitable
Fighting the Crusade
Final Assault (Mass Effect)
From the Wreckage (Mass Effect)
Ghost Ship
Ghosts in the Snow
Grim Deeds to Come (Movie 4)
Harbingers of War
Here Fell the Lord of Murder
I Am Alive and I Am Not Alone (Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut)
I Was Lost Without You (Mass Effect 3)
I Will Watch Over the Ones Who Live On (Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut)
I’m Proud of You (Mass Effect 3)
In Pursuit of Saren (Mass Effect)
Infusion (Mass Effect)
Jack (Mass Effect 2)
Jack's Theme
Jacob (Mass Effect 2)
Joker’s Fifteen Minutes
Legion (Mass Effect 2)
Liara’s Theme
Lost in You
Mars (Mass Effect 3)
Mass Effect (video game soundtrack)
Mass Effect 2 (Video Game Soundtrack)
Mass Effect 3 (video game soundtrack)
Mass Effect Theme (Mass Effect)
New Worlds (Mass Effect 2)
Not One Step Back
Of Stars and Dreams
Praying for Death
Protecting the Colony (Mass Effect)
Pursuit of Pavlov
Rebirth of a Legend
Red Fortress
Red-Painted Steppe
Reinforcing Pavlov's House
Resisting the Darkness (Movie 3)
Resolution (Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut)
Seed of Nightmare
Shadow of the Shining Lady
Shepard's Return
Shepard’s Tango
Shuttle Ride
So Far from Home
Sovereign’s Theme (Mass Effect)
Space Station Epsilon
Spectre Induction (Mass Effect)
Steady We Must Stand
Stepping Stones
Storm Clouds over Stalingrad
Strength in Unity
Taking Station No. 1
The Alien Queen (Mass Effect)
The Battle for Bridgefort
The Bitter End
The Black Pits
The Citadel (Mass Effect)
The Death of Bhaal (Movie 2)
The Descent into Hell
The Devil's Fury
The End (reprise) (Mass Effect)
The End of the Line
The Fate of the Galaxy (Mass Effect 3)
The Fleets Arrive (Mass Effect 3)
The Great Soviet Showpiece
The Hero of Baldur's Gate
The Normandy (Mass Effect)
The Normandy Attacked (Mass Effect 2)
The Pillar's Heart
The Saga Returns (Announce Trailer)
The Secret Labs (Mass Effect)
The Siege Camp
The Story of a Soldier
The Thorian (Mass Effect)
The Unstoppable Wehrmacht
The Untold Story (Release Trailer)
The Wastes of Avernus
Turn of the Age
Uncharted Worlds (Mass Effect)
Uplink (Mass Effect)
Victory (Mass Effect)
Victory at the Barrikady
Wake Up (Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut)
Wave of Fury
We Face Our Enemy Together (Mass Effect 3)
We Fought as a United Galaxy (Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut)