Zac Hanson

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member of:Hanson (American pop group)
siblings:Isaac Hanson
Taylor Hanson
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DateTitleCredited AsAttributesArtistLength
Get Up and GoHanson4:20
When You're GoneZachary HansonHanson4:32
BelieveZachary Hansondrums (drum set) [drums]Hanson12:17
Broken AngelZachary HansonpianoHanson4:50
Broken AngelZachary Hansondrums (drum set) [drums]Hanson4:50
Crazy BeautifulZachary Hansondrums (drum set) [drums]Hanson4:03
Crazy BeautifulZachary HansonpercussionHanson4:03
Dancin' in the WindZachary Hansondrums (drum set) [drums]Hanson4:04
DeeperZachary Hansondrums (drum set) [drums]Hanson4:10
Get Up and GoZachary Hansondrums (drum set) [drums]Hanson4:20
HeyZachary Hansondrums (drum set) [drums]Hanson4:23
Lost Without Each OtherZachary HansonpercussionHanson3:45
Lost Without Each OtherZachary Hansondrums (drum set) [drums]Hanson3:45
MiseryZachary Hansonacoustic guitarHanson3:08
MiseryZachary Hansondrums (drum set) [drums]Hanson3:08
MMMBop (album version)drums (drum set)Hanson4:29
Penny & MeZachary Hansondrums (drum set) [drums]Hanson4:04
Strong Enough to BreakZachary Hansondrums (drum set) [drums]Hanson3:45
UnderneathZachary Hansondrums (drum set) [drums]Hanson4:41
When You're GoneZachary Hansondrums (drum set) [drums]Hanson4:32
A Song to SingHanson4:27
Every Word I SayHanson4:42
Hand in HandHanson6:25
Thinking 'Bout Somethin'Hanson3:56
BelieveZachary HansonHanson12:17
Broken AngelZachary Hansonlead vocalsHanson4:50
Crazy BeautifulZachary HansonHanson4:03
Dancin' in the WindZachary HansonHanson4:04
DeeperZachary HansonHanson4:10
Get Up and GoZachary HansonHanson4:20
HeyZachary HansonHanson4:23
If Only (Behind the Scenes)spoken vocalsHanson3:15
If Only (Behind the Scenes)lead vocalsHanson3:15
If Only (clip)Hanson0:43
Interviewspoken vocalsHanson3:36
Lost Without Each OtherZachary HansonHanson3:45
MiseryZachary Hansonlead vocalsHanson3:08
MMMBop (album version)Hanson4:29
Penny & MeZachary HansonHanson4:04
Strong Enough to BreakZachary HansonHanson3:45
UnderneathZachary HansonHanson4:41
Video Messagespoken vocalsHanson0:24
When You're GoneZachary HansonHanson4:32
art direction
String TheoryHanson
Finally It’s ChristmaspianoHanson
Finally It’s Christmashandclaps [claps]Hanson
Finally It’s Christmasdrums (drum set) [drums]Hanson
Finally It’s ChristmasWurlitzer electric piano [Wurlitzer]Hanson
Finally It’s ChristmaspercussionHanson
Middle of Nowheredrums (drum set) [drums]Hanson
Snowed InZachary HansonpercussionHanson
Snowed InZachary Hansondrums (drum set) [drums]Hanson
String Theoryacoustic guitarHanson
String Theorykeyboard [keyboards]Hanson
String TheoryWurlitzer electric piano [Wurlitzer]Hanson
String TheorypercussionHanson
String Theorydrums (drum set) [drums]Hanson
The WalkZachary Hansondrums (drum set) [drums]Hanson
The WalkZachary Hansonacoustic guitarHanson
The WalkZachary HansonpercussionHanson
The WalkZachary HansonpianoHanson
The WalkZachary Hansonelectric guitarHanson
This Time AroundZachary Hansondrums (drum set) [drums]Hanson
Fiat LuxLaarks
Finally It’s ChristmasHanson
Middle of NowhereHanson
Snowed InZachary HansonHanson
String TheoryHanson
The WalkZachary HansonHanson
This Time AroundZachary HansonHanson
At ChristmasZachary Hanson
Christmas TimeZachary Hanson
Everybody Knows the ClausZachary Hanson
If Only
At ChristmasZachary Hanson
Christmas TimeZachary Hanson
Everybody Knows the ClausZachary Hanson
A Minute Without YouZachary Hanson
A Song to Sing
Can’t Stop
Every Word I Say
Hand in Hand
I Will Come to You (Hanson song)Zachary Hanson
Look at YouZachary Hanson
LucyZachary Hanson
MadelineZachary Hanson
Man From MilwaukeeZachary Hanson
MMMbopZachary Hanson
Penny and Me
Polka Power!
Runaway Run
Save Me
SpeechlessZachary Hanson
Sure About It
Thinking 'Bout Somethin'
Thinking of YouZachary Hanson
WeirdZachary Hanson
Where's the LoveZachary Hanson
With You in Your DreamsZachary Hanson
YearbookZachary Hanson
You Never Know