Legal name: James Bradell (James Patrick Darcy Braddell)



1995Hed Phone SexFunki Porcini5
1996Love, Pussycats & CarwrecksFunki Porcini5
1999The Ultimately Empty Million PoundsFunki Porcini4
2002Fast AsleepFunki Porcini2
2009PlodFunki Porcini1
2010OnFunki Porcini2
2011One DayFunki Porcini1
2013Le Banquet CassioFunki Porcini1
2016Conservative ApocalypseFunki Porcini2
2018The Mulberry FilesFunki Porcini1
2019Studio 59Funki Porcini1
2020Boredom Never Looked So GoodFunki Porcini1
2021Drift to ThisFunki Porcini1
2022Where the Sauce Is DeluxeFunki Porcini1


1995It's a Long RoadFunki Porcini1
1995Ashabanapal Big Pink InflatableFunki Porcini1
1995DubbleFunki Porcini1
1999Rockit SoulFunki Porcini1
2010Automotive RideFunki Porcini1


1996Carwreck EPFunki Porcini2
1997Lets See What Carmen Can DoFunki Porcini1
1999ZombieFunki Porcini1
2001The Great Drive ByFunki Porcini1
2011At the Edge of the WorldFunki Porcini1
2011The Devil DrivesFunki Porcini2
2011Six Minutes in ManchesterFunki Porcini2

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