Name ISRCs Rating Length
Masters of Horror-Sick Girl: Hide and Seek 4:39
Masters of Horror-Sick Girl: Lazy Liars 2:30
Masters of Horror-Sick Girl: Misty Sleeps 0:56
Masters of Horror-Sick Girl: Zero Hero 3:29
May: Deviation on a Theme - Construction 1:29
May: Deviation on a Theme - Kiss 0:43
May: Deviation on a Theme - Slumber 0:49
May: Deviation on a Theme - Stitch 2:09
May: Half-Sick of Shadows 1:05
May: Made to Love You 3:40
May: New Year's Evil 1:16
May: Prowler 4:17
May: Weighting (instrumental version) 1:00
Roman: Date for Three 1:48
Roman: Detention 1:59
Roman: L'Artiste (The Great Ophelia) 1:16
Roman: One to Another 1:10
Roman: Our Kiss, Our Day 3:13
Roman: Pluto 4:25
Roman: Stranglers in the Night 2:38
Roman: The Head of Hedda 1:25
Roman: The Smell of Her 2:06
Roman: Theme From Roman 1:00
The Toolbox Murders: Theme From the Toolbox Murders: As It Was 3:55
The Woods (unused score): Bad Girl 3:25
The Woods (unused score): Clara's Opening 0:50
The Woods (unused score): Delasalle Alma Mater (sketch demo) 2:12
The Woods (unused score): Far From Fasulo (sketch demo) 2:13
The Woods (unused score): Ritual Experiment (sketch demo) 2:28
The Woods (unused score): Twilight (sketch demo) 2:00
The Woods (unused score):The Glorious Jackals of Stoke Newington 4:13

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