Rick Wakeman

~ Person

Legal name: Richard Christopher Wakeman



1971Piano VibrationsRick Wakeman2
1973The Six Wives of Henry VIIIRick Wakeman4.6516
1975The Myths and Legends of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round TableRick Wakeman510
1976No Earthly ConnectionRick Wakeman59
1977Rick Wakeman’s Criminal RecordRick Wakeman38
1979RhapsodiesRick Wakeman35
19811984Rick Wakeman6
1982Rock 'n' Roll ProphetRick Wakeman3
1983Cost of LivingRick Wakeman2
1985Beyond the PlanetsJeff Wayne · Rick Wakeman · Kevin Peek1
1985Silent NightsRick Wakeman1
1986Country AirsRick Wakeman4
1987The GospelsRick Wakeman3
1988A Suite of GodsRick Wakeman · Ramon Remedios4
1988Time MachineRick Wakeman2
1988ZodiaqueRick Wakeman & Tony Fernandez2
1989Sea AirsRick Wakeman1
1989Black Knights at the Court of Ferdinand IVRick Wakeman & Mario Fasciano2
1989The Family AlbumRick Wakeman2
1990Aspirant SunriseRick Wakeman3
1990Aspirant SunsetRick Wakeman4
1990In the BeginningRick Wakeman1
1990Night AirsRick Wakeman2
1991African BachRick Wakeman2
19912000 A.D. Into the FutureRick Wakeman1
1991Aspirant SunshadowsRick Wakeman2
1991Softsword: King John and the Magna CharterRick Wakeman3
1991The Classical Connection 2Rick Wakeman3
1991The Classical ConnectionRick Wakeman4
1993PrayersRick Wakeman1
1993Heritage SuiteRick Wakeman1
1993No Expense SparedWakeman with Wakeman2
1993Wakeman With WakemanWakeman with Wakeman1
1994Lure of the WildRick Wakeman & Adam Wakeman1
1994Romance of the Victorian AgeRick Wakeman & Adam Wakeman1
1995Cirque SurrealRick Wakeman1
1995The Piano AlbumRick Wakeman2
1995The Private CollectionRick Wakeman1
1995The Seven Wonders of the WorldRick Wakeman1
1995VisionsRick Wakeman2
1996Fields of GreenRick Wakeman2
1996Can You Hear Me?Rick Wakeman2
1996OrisonsRick Wakeman2
1996The New GospelsRick Wakeman1
1996TapestriesRick Wakeman & Adam Wakeman1
1996The Word and MusicRick Wakeman2
1996VignettesRick Wakeman & Adam Wakeman1
1997Tribute to The BeatlesRick Wakeman2
1997The Natural World TrilogyRick Wakeman2
1998ThemesRick Wakeman1
1999Return to the Centre of the EarthRick Wakeman44
1999White Rock IIRick Wakeman2
1999Art in Music TrilogyRick Wakeman1
2000Preludes to a CenturyRick Wakeman1
2000Chronicles of ManRick Wakeman1
2000Morning Has BrokenRick Wakeman1
2000Stella Bianca alla corte di Re FerdinandoRick Wakeman & Mario Fasciano2
2001Classical VariationsRick Wakeman1
2001Two Sides of YesRick Wakeman31
2002Two Sides of Yes, Volume IIRick Wakeman31
2002Almost ClassicalRick Wakeman2
2002HummingbirdWakeman & Cousins1
2002Journey to the Centre of the Earth PlusRick Wakeman1
2002Journey to the Centre of the EarthRick Wakeman2
2002Rick Wakeman LiveRick Wakeman1
2002The Real LisztomaniaRick Wakeman2
2002The Yes Piano VariationsRick Wakeman1
2003Out ThereRick Wakeman & The New English Rock Ensemble54
2004RevisitedRick Wakeman1
2004The Wizard and the Forest of all DreamsRick Wakeman1
2006RetroRick Wakeman2
2006Christmas VariationsRick Wakeman3
2007Amazing GraceRick Wakeman1
2007Retro 2Rick Wakeman1
2009From Brush & StoneGordon Giltrap & Rick Wakeman1
2009JourneyRick Wakeman1
2010Always With YouRick Wakeman2
2010Past, Present and FutureRick Wakeman1
2010The Living TreeAnderson/Wakeman22
2012Journey to the Centre of the Earth (2012 re-recording)Rick Wakeman4
2016Pink Floyd’s Wish You Were Here SymphonicLondon Orion Orchestra, Alice Cooper, Dave Fowler, Stephen McElroy, Rick Wakeman2
2016Starship TrooperRick Wakeman1
2016The Myths and Legends of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table (2016 re-recording)Rick Wakeman3
2016GasTankRick Wakeman & Tony Ashton1
2017Piano PortraitsRick Wakeman43
2018Piano OdysseyRick Wakeman55
2019Christmas PortraitsRick Wakeman2
2020The Red PlanetRick Wakeman & The English Rock Ensemble5
2022A Gallery of the ImaginationRick Wakeman3

Album + Compilation

19821984 / The BurningRick Wakeman1
1991A World of WisdomNorman Wisdom feat. Rick Wakeman1
1993Classic TracksRick Wakeman4
1994Greatest HitsRick Wakeman42
1996Voyage: The Very Best OfRick Wakeman1
1998Rick WakemanRick Wakeman1
1998The Best of Rick WakemanRick Wakeman1
1999The MastersRick Wakeman1
2000The Caped CollectionRick Wakeman1
2000Recollections: The Very Best of Rick Wakeman (1973–1979)Rick Wakeman2
2001Frost In SpaceRick Wakeman1

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