Total (American female R&B group)

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members: Pamela Long
Jakima Raynor
Keisha Spivey
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Date Title Attributes Artist Length
Can't You See The Notorious B.I.G. feat. Total 4:20
Discipline Gang Starr feat. Total 4:16
I Can't Foxy Brown feat. Total 4:48
I Wonder Why? (He's the Greatest DJ) Tony Touch feat. Keisha & Pam 3:56
Sittin’ Home (remix) Shyne feat. Total 4:06
Stay Out of My Way Ma$e feat. Total 3:51
What You Want Mase feat. Total 4:05
What You Want Mase feat. Total 4:02
What You Want guest Mase feat. Total 4:02
Discipline guest Gang Starr feat. Total 4:17
Do You Know background vocals Total 3:24
Do You Think About Us background vocals Total 4:33
Juicy additional and guest The Notorious B.I.G. 5:02
Kissin' You background vocals Total 4:42
Loungin (Who Do Ya Luv) guest LL Cool J 3:47
No One Else background vocals Total feat. Da Brat 4:20
One More Chance The Notorious B.I.G. 4:43
What You Want guest Mase feat. Total