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Date Title Artist Length
Acperience (Secret Knowledge remix) Hardfloor 9:50
Body and Soul (Delta Lady mix) Love and Rockets 7:35
Body and Soul (Out of Body mix) Love and Rockets 9:13
Cape Connection (Secret Knowledge Trousered Up mix) Pop Will Eat Itself 9:35
Diablo (Secret Knowledge Atomic Bidet mix) The Grid 7:34
Hug My Soul (Secret Knowledge Limbo mix) Saint Etienne 10:06
Hypermetrical (The Secret Knowledges' Erupting Bishops mix) Cygnus X 10:22
Lazarus (Secret Knowledge mix) The Boo Radleys 8:50
Narcotic Influence (Secret Knowledge mix) Empirion 9:31
Pale Movie (Secret Knowledge Trouser Assassin mix) Saint Etienne 10:15
Soul Hunter (Secret Knowledge remix) Pulse 10:49
Speedway (Secret Knowledge remix) The Prodigy 10:23
Speedway (Theme From Fastlane) The Prodigy 8:56
Speedway (Theme From Fastlane) (Secret Knowledge Trouser Rouser mix) The Prodigy 10:26
The Age of Love (Secret Knowledge remix) Age of Love 10:02