member of: Netzwerk Europa
Netzwerk Florida
Netzwerk Frankfurt
performs as: Family Lounge
Little Computer People
PSI Performer
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Date Title Attributes Artist Length
In Electro We Trust: A Datapunk Compilation Various Artists
We Are Punks Anthony Rother
We Are Punks 2 Anthony Rother
15 Minutes of Fame
64 Bit Audio
Agent P.
Always the Same Game
Basic Level
Celebrate the Roots
City of Legends
Databank/Nuklearer Winter
Describe Reality
Destroy Him My Robots
Digital Vision
Electro Pop
Fly High
Follow the Leader
Frequency From Reality
Friends Are Not Electric
Ghost, Part I
Girl Construction
Human Made
I Am
Liquid System
Little Computer People
Love is for the Hardest People
My Name Is Telekraft
Once More...
Past Represents the Future
Pop Music
Red Light District
Sea of Love
Sex With the Machines
Welcome to My Laboratory
When the Sun Goes Down
Who Do You Love
Self Reflexion additional, guest and keyboard Pascal F.E.O.S. 4:35
Ghost, Part I
Red Light District
When the Sun Goes Down
15 Minutes of Fame guest Karl Bartos 4:12
[untitled] Family Lounge ?:??
[untitled] Family Lounge ?:??
[untitled] Family Lounge ?:??
[untitled] Family Lounge ?:??
7 I 29 Anthony Rother 3:29
15 Minutes of Fame Karl Bartos 4:12
Agent P. Sven Väth 3:31
Always the Same Game Little Computer People 2:06
Basic Level Anthony Rother 4:45
Celebrate the Roots Anthony Rother & Billy Nasty 5:46
Databank/Nuklearer Winter Anthony Rother 4:26
Describe Reality Anthony Rother 10:40
Electro Pop Little Computer People 6:33
Eyes Little Computer People 4:50
Fly High Little Computer People 3:57
Follow the Leader Little Computer People 6:05
Freaks Anthony Rother 5:32
Friends Are Not Electric Little Computer People 16:25
Ghost, Part I Sven Väth 6:22
Human Made Anthony Rother 6:22
I Am Little Computer People 7:09
Jailhouse Rocker Frank Lorber 6:33
Komm Väth vs. Rother 5:54
Little Computer People Little Computer People 2:55
Love is for the Hardest People Anthony Rother 7:03
Medizin Frank Lorber 6:40
Mindtouch Pascal F.E.O.S. 4:25
Once More... Sven Väth 3:50
Past Represents the Future Anthony Rother 3:39
Pathfinder Sven Väth 5:34
Pathfinder Sven Väth 5:36
Pathfinder (Hell remix) Sven Väth 7:20
Pop Music Little Computer People 2:20
Sea of Love Little Computer People 5:28
Sex With the Machines Anthony Rother 5:53
Tokio Little Computer People 3:22
Trash Scapes (Anthony Rother remix) additional Ellen Allien ?:??
Who Do You Love Little Computer People 7:31
Ydolem Sven Väth 3:59
Self Reflexion Pascal F.E.O.S. 4:35
1982 (Anthony Rother 2005 remix) Miss Kittin & The Hacker 4:16
Assassinator 13 (Anthony Rother remix) Chikinki 6:23
Komm (Anthony Rother B-Day mix) Väth vs. Rother 5:32
Little Computer People (Anthony Rother remix) Little Computer People 6:31
Little Computer People (Anthony Rother remix) Little Computer People 6:31
Little Computer People (Anthony Rother remix) Little Computer People 3:06
Planetary Deterioration (Anthony Rother 1999 remix) Ozone Layer 6:38
Schubdüse (Anthony Rother mix) Sven Väth 6:30
Schubdüse (Anthony Rother remix) Sven Väth 3:37
Synfonica (Anthony Rother remix) Brainchild 6:46
The Golden Age Interpretations, Part II Corrado Izzo 2:09
Trash Scapes (Anthony Rother remix) Ellen Allien ?:??
Warning Siren (Anthony Rother remix) Tiefschwarz 5:18
When I Rock (Anthony Rother remix) Thomas Schumacher ?:??
Ghost, Part I Sven Väth 6:22
GPL (Electro Cut) Pascal F.E.O.S. 6:30
Mindtouch guest Pascal F.E.O.S. 4:25
Planet 3