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Rock of Ages
High Hopes (album version)Pink Floyd?:??
High Hopes (radio edit)Pink Floyd?:??
High Hopes (radio edit)Pink Floyd5:16
Keep Talking (album version)Pink Floyd?:??
Keep Talking (radio edit)Pink Floyd?:??
Keep Talking (radio edit)Pink Floyd4:55
1995-07-22Something ChangedPulp3:19
1968-09-16Glass Onion (2018 stereo mix)recorderThe Beatles2:18
1968-09-19Piggies (2018 stereo mix)harpsichordThe Beatles2:04
1968-09-19Piggies (take 12 – instrumental backing track)harpsichordThe Beatles2:10
1968-10-08The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill (2018 stereo mix)additional and mellotronThe Beatles3:14
1968-10-09Long, Long, Long (2018 stereo mix)pianoThe Beatles3:06
1968-10-14Savoy Truffle (2018 stereo mix)organThe Beatles2:54
1968-10-14Savoy Truffle (2018 stereo mix)electric pianoThe Beatles2:54
1968-10-14Savoy Truffle (instrumental backing track)organThe Beatles2:57
1968-10-14Savoy Truffle (instrumental backing track)electric pianoThe Beatles2:57
A Pocketful of Stones (album version)keyboardDavid Gilmour6:18
On an Island (album version)keyboardDavid Gilmour6:47
On an Island (edit)keyboardDavid Gilmour4:42
Street Lifeelectric bass guitarRoxy Music3:28
The Paw Paw Negro Blowtorchbass guitar and guestBrian Eno3:07
This Is Hardcore (original version)pianoPulp6:25
Wonderlandebow [e-bow]Rachel Fuller3:15
Too Low for Zero (The Classic Years)Elton John
1993-09 – 1993-12A Great Day for Freedom (original studio mix)Pink Floyd4:18
1993-09 – 1993-12Cluster One (original studio mix)Pink Floyd5:59
1993-09 – 1993-12Coming Back to Life (original studio mix)Pink Floyd6:19
1993-09 – 1993-12High Hopes (edit)Pink Floyd7:58
1993-09 – 1993-12High Hopes (original studio mix)Pink Floyd8:32
1993-09 – 1993-12Keep Talking (original studio mix)Pink Floyd6:11
1993-09 – 1993-12Lost for Words (original studio mix)Pink Floyd5:15
1993-09 – 1993-12Marooned (original studio mix)Pink Floyd5:28
1993-09 – 1993-12Poles Apart (original studio mix)Pink Floyd7:05
1993-09 – 1993-12Take It Back (original studio mix)Pink Floyd6:12
1993-09 – 1993-12Wearing the Inside Out (original studio mix)Pink Floyd6:49
1993-09 – 1993-12What Do You Want From Me (original studio mix)Pink Floyd4:22
1993A Great Day for Freedom (LP edit)Pink Floyd3:38
1993Cluster One (LP edit)Pink Floyd5:29
1993Coming Back to Life (LP edit)Pink Floyd4:57
1993High Hopes (LP edit)Pink Floyd6:50
1993Marooned (LP edit)Pink Floyd4:08
1993Poles Apart (LP edit)Pink Floyd5:49
1993Wearing the Inside Out (LP edit)Pink Floyd6:28
A Little Soul (live, 1998-06-28: Glastonbury, England)Pulp4:36
Alice SpringsMystery Jets5:18
Any Colour You Like (original studio stereo mix)Pink Floyd3:26
Any Colour You Like (quadraphonic)Pink Floyd3:25
Baby’s on FireBrian Eno5:22
Blank FrankBrian Eno3:38
Brain Damage (original studio stereo mix)Pink Floyd3:47
Brain Damage (quadraphonic)Pink Floyd3:50
Breathe (quadraphonic)Pink Floyd2:44
Breathe (original studio stereo mix)Pink Floyd2:49
Can You Feel the Love Tonight (End Title) (The Lion King, 1994 original motion picture soundtrack)Elton John4:01
Cindy Tells MeBrian Eno3:28
Circle of LifeElton John4:52
Dead Finks Don’t TalkBrian Eno4:20
Dreaming of Another WorldMystery Jets3:39
Driving Me BackwardsBrian Eno5:13
Eclipse (quadraphonic)Pink Floyd2:04
Eclipse (original studio stereo mix)Pink Floyd2:12
Flash a Hungry SmileMystery Jets3:47
Glory People – Glory Days / Common PeoplePulp11:12
Help the Aged (live, 1998-06-28: Glastonbury, England)Pulp5:33
Here Come the Warm JetsBrian Eno4:02
High Hopes (album version)Pink Floyd?:??
High Hopes (radio edit)Pink Floyd5:16
High Hopes (radio edit)Pink Floyd?:??
I Just Can’t Wait to Be KingElton John3:37
It’s Too Late to TalkMystery Jets4:14
Keep Talking (album version)Pink Floyd?:??
Keep Talking (radio edit)Pink Floyd?:??
Keep Talking (radio edit)Pink Floyd4:55
Lady GreyMystery Jets3:35
Live Bed Show (live, 1998-06-28: Glastonbury, England)Pulp4:33
Lorna DooneMystery Jets5:35
MeltMystery Jets4:15
Money (original studio stereo mix)Pink Floyd6:23
Money (quadraphonic)Pink Floyd6:23
Needles in the Camel’s EyeBrian Eno3:13
On Some Faraway BeachBrian Eno4:39
On the Run (original studio stereo mix)Pink Floyd3:50
On the Run (quadraphonic)Pink Floyd3:31
Party Hard (live, 1998-06-28: Glastonbury, England)Pulp4:29
Seductive Barry (live, 1998-06-28: Glastonbury, England)Pulp9:56
SerotoninMystery Jets3:25
Show Me the LightMystery Jets3:08
Some of Them Are OldBrian Eno5:11
Speak to Me (quadraphonic)Pink Floyd1:11
Speak to Me (original stereo mix)Pink Floyd1:08
Take It Back (edit)Pink Floyd4:54
The Fear (live, 1998-06-28: Glastonbury, England)Pulp7:49
The Girl Is GoneMystery Jets3:41
The Great Gig in the Sky (original studio stereo mix)Pink Floyd4:44
The Great Gig in the Sky (quadraphonic)Pink Floyd4:47
The Paw Paw Negro BlowtorchBrian Eno3:07
This Is Hardcore (live, 1998-06-28: Glastonbury, England)Pulp7:15
Time (quadraphonic)Pink Floyd7:01
Time (original studio stereo mix)Pink Floyd6:52
To the Kill (live, 1990-11-08: Palace, Melbourne, Australia)Violent Femmes?:??
TV Movie (live, 1998-06-28: Glastonbury, England)Pulp3:55
Us and Them (original studio stereo mix)Pink Floyd7:50
Us and Them (quadraphonic)Pink Floyd7:43
Waiting on a MiracleMystery Jets3:53
Here Come the Warm JetsEno
Here Come the Warm Jets (Original Masters)Eno
Here Come the Warm JetsEno
(Sing If You’re) Glad to Be Gay (live: 1977-12-06: Lyceum Theatre, London, UK)Tom Robinson Band5:00
2HBBryan Ferry3:15
2000 MilesThe Pretenders3:39
A Little Is EnoughPete Townshend4:41
A Little Is EnoughPete Townshend3:10
A Little Soul (original mix / album version)Pulp3:20
A Little Soul (alternative mix)Pulp3:47
A Little Soul (Lafayette Velvet revisited mix)Pulp5:11
A Pocketful of Stones (album version)David Gilmour6:18
A Word in SpanishElton John4:39
After the Ball/Million MilesWings4:00
Again and Again and AgainWings3:34
Ain’t Gonna Take ItTom Robinson Band2:52
Ain’t SuperstitiousChris Spedding4:47
Alice SpringsMystery Jets5:18
All Quiet on the Western FrontElton John6:00
Amazes MeElton John4:41
Anarchy in the U.K.Sex Pistols3:31
Anarchy in the UKSex Pistols3:36
And I MovedPete Townshend3:24
Angel EyesThe Strypes4:11
Ansaphone (demo)Pulp4:09
Arrow Through MeWings3:37
Baby’s RequestWings2:51
Back on the Chain GangThe Pretenders3:51
Back to the StartRazorlight3:13
Bad Boys Get SpankedPretenders4:07
BalconyBig Country4:00
Ball & ChainElton John3:29
Bar ItaliaPulp3:44
Beauty QueenRoxy Music4:41
Before I Fall to PiecesRazorlight3:22
BetrayedThe Human League4:07
Better Decide Which Side You’re OnTom Robinson Band2:51
Birds of ParadisePretenders4:17
Biting BulletsINXS2:49
Bitter TearsINXS3:49
Bitter TearsINXS3:49
Black JeansRazorlight3:51
Blue AvenueElton John4:33
Blue Collar JaneThe Strypes2:50
Blue EyesElton John3:27
Blue Jean BopPaul McCartney1:57
BodiesSex Pistols3:01
Brass in PocketPretenders3:04
Brass in PocketPretenders3:00
Breaking Hearts (Ain't What It Used to Be)Elton John3:48
Brilliant BluesPete Townshend3:06
Brilliant BluesPete Townshend3:06
Brown Eyed Handsome ManPaul McCartney2:27
Burning BuildingsElton John4:02
By My SideINXS3:06
By My SideINXS3:06
Calling All NationsINXS3:04
Can You Feel the Love Tonight (End Title) (The Lion King, 1994 original motion picture soundtrack)Elton John4:01
Can You Feel the Love Tonight (instrumental)Elton John4:00
CasanovaBryan Ferry2:47
Castellorizon (album version)David Gilmour3:54
Cat’s in the CupboadPete Townshend3:33
Cat’s in the CupboardPete Townshend3:34
Catcliffe Shakedown (demo)Pulp6:43
Chance MeetingBryan Ferry3:16
Child's Christmas in WalesJohn Cale3:21
Circle of LifeElton John4:52
City of Blinding LightsadditionalU25:48
City of Blinding Lights (radio edit)additionalU24:14
Club at the End of the StreetElton John4:51
Cocaine SocialismPulp5:22
Cold as Christmas (in the Middle of the Year)Elton John4:21
Come to MamaPete Townshend4:39
Common People (full length version)Pulp5:52
CommunicationPete Townshend3:20
ConquistadorProcol Harum4:15
ConquistadorProcol Harum4:16
CoquettePaul McCartney2:43
Crashing by DesignPete Townshend3:17
Crashing by DesignPete Townshend3:17
CrystalElton John5:05
Dance It AwayPete Townshend?:??
Day After DayThe Pretenders4:02
Day After DayPretenders3:48
Dear JohnElton John3:29
Deliver MeINXS3:50
Devil InsideINXS5:15
Did He Shoot Her?Elton John3:21
Did You No WrongSex Pistols3:16
Disco 2000 (album version)Pulp4:34
Disco 2000 (7″ mix)Pulp4:51
Do the StrandRoxy Music3:46
Do the StrandRoxy Music4:02
Do Wot You DoINXS3:18
Don’t Lose It (demo)Pulp3:11
Don’t Take No for an Answer (live, 1977-12-02: University of Sussex, Brighton, UK)Tom Robinson Band4:33
Don’t You Know I Want YouThe Human League3:09
Dreaming of Another WorldMystery Jets3:39
Durban DeepElton John5:32
Editions of YouRoxy Music3:51
EMISex Pistols3:10
Empty Garden (Hey Hey Johnny)Elton John5:11
Empty GlassPete Townshend5:24
Everyday Is Like SundayThe Pretenders3:43
Exquisitely BoredPete Townshend3:41
Exquisitely BoredPete Townshend3:42
Face Dances Part TwoPete Townshend3:24
Face the FacePete Townshend5:54
Face the FacePete Townshend4:23
Faith in Each OtherINXS4:09
Faith in Each OtherINXS4:08
Flash a Hungry SmileMystery Jets3:47
Get Outa My PagodaChris Spedding2:40
Getting CloserWings3:22
Give BloodPete Townshend5:45
Give BloodPete Townshend5:46
Give BloodPete Townshend5:38
Give BloodPete Townshend3:19
Glass Onion (early mono mix)The Beatles2:08
Glory DaysPulp4:55
God Save the QueenSex Pistols3:18
God Save the QueenSex Pistols3:24
God Save the Queen (Neil Barnes & the Sex Pistols 7″ extended mix)Sex Pistols4:19
God Save the Queen (Neil Barnes & the Sex Pistols dance mix)Sex Pistols8:39
Gonna Get YaPete Townshend6:25
Gonna Get YaPete Townshend6:21
Good + Bad TimesINXS2:46
Goodbye Cruel WorldShakespears Sister4:08
Goodbye Cruel WorldShakespears Sister4:03
Goodbye Cruel World (7" remix)Shakespears Sister4:01
Goodbye Marlon BrandoElton John3:30
Grey CortinaTom Robinson Band2:11
Guns in the SkyINXS2:21
Harvest HomeBig Country3:47
Harvest HomeBig Country3:47
Healing HandsElton John4:31
Hear That SoundINXS4:05
Hear That SoundINXS4:06
Heart of the CityThe Strypes3:19
Heart on My SleeveBryan Ferry3:28
Heavy TrafficElton John3:30
Help the AgedPulp4:29
Hey, Miss Betty (live)Chris Spedding2:14
Hiding OutPete Townshend2:54
Hiding OutPete Townshend3:02
Hiding Out (12" mix)Pete Townshend5:50
Hiding Out (instrumental)Pete Townshend4:20
Hiding Out (remix)Pete Townshend4:20
Hold OnRazorlight3:26
Holidays in the SunSex Pistols3:20
Holidays in the SunSex Pistols3:24
HomburgProcol Harum3:57
Hometown GirlsThe Strypes3:05
Honey HushPaul McCartney2:36
Hurt by LoveChris Spedding3:32
I Am an AnimalPete Townshend3:48
I Am SecurePete Townshend4:00
I Am Your RobotElton John4:44
I BelieveMarcella Detroit4:46
I Can TellThe Strypes3:42
I Can't Stop This Feeling I've GotRazorlight3:27
I Don’t Wanna Go On With You Like ThatElton John4:34
I Go to SleepPretenders2:57
I Got StungPaul McCartney2:40
I Guess That’s Why They Call It the BluesElton John4:43
I Hurt YouThe Pretenders4:38
I Just Can’t Wait to Be KingElton John3:37
I Love You Too Much (album version)The Human League3:27
I Never Knew Her NameElton John3:32
I SpyPulp5:55
I Wanna Be MeSex Pistols3:08
I Will (take 1)The Beatles1:55
I’m a Hog for You BabyThe Strypes3:30
I’m a ManPulp5:00
I’m Alright JackTom Robinson Band2:29
I’m Coming BackThe Human League4:11
I’m Still StandingElton John3:03
In Every Dream Home a HeartacheRoxy Music5:29
In NeonElton John4:21
In the MorningRazorlight3:42
It’s a Dirty World (recording session outtake)Pulp5:13
It’s Only LoveBryan Ferry3:50
It’s Too Late to TalkMystery Jets4:14
Japanese HandsElton John4:40
Jealous DogsPretenders5:37
Jesus Was a ManINXS6:10
Jools and JimPete Townshend2:36
Jools and JimPete Townshend2:36
Keep On WorkingPete Townshend3:23
Kirby's HouseRazorlight2:52
Kiss the BrideElton John4:23
Kiss the Dirt (Falling Down the Mountain)INXS3:56
Know the DifferenceINXS3:19
Know the DifferenceINXS3:17
Lady GreyMystery Jets3:35
Laughing BoyPulp3:49
Legal BoysElton John3:09
Let My Love Open the DoorPete Townshend2:45
Let My Love Open the DoorPete Townshend2:42
Let My Love Open the Door (E. Cola mix)Pete Townshend4:56
Let’s Stick TogetherBryan Ferry2:59
Li'l 'FrigeratorElton John3:25
LiarSex Pistols2:40
Life on Your OwnThe Human League4:08
Life on Your OwnThe Human League4:06
Life on Your Own (extended)The Human League5:48
Like a Friend (album version)Pulp3:59
Like a Friend (film version)Pulp4:33
Like Uncle CharlieThe Climax Chicago Blues Band3:59
Listen Like ThievesINXS3:48
Live Bed ShowPulp3:30
Live Bed Show (extended)Pulp4:11
Lone RiderChris Spedding3:27
Lonesome TownPaul McCartney3:30
Long Hot SummerTom Robinson Band4:44
Look to Your Soul / Grand FinaleProcol Harum7:05
Lorna DooneMystery Jets5:35
Los Angeles WaltzRazorlight4:40
Louie LouiePretenders3:30
LouiseThe Human League4:57
Louise (DJ edit)The Human League4:10
Love and Peace or ElseadditionalU24:51
Love Is the DrugRoxy Music4:06
Lovers of TodayPretenders5:51
Loving MachineThe Climax Chicago Blues Band3:10
Man You Never SawTom Robinson Band2:40
Martin (live: 1977-12-06: Lyceum Theatre, London, UK)Tom Robinson Band2:53
MeltMystery Jets4:15
Message of LovePretenders3:26
Middle of the RoadThe Pretenders4:14
Mile EndPulp4:32
Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters, Part 2Elton John4:13
Move On (Guitar version)INXS3:47
Movie MaggPaul McCartney2:12
My City Was GoneThe Pretenders5:25
My City Was GonePretenders4:21
Mystery AchievementPretenders5:24
Mystery ManThe Strypes2:43
Need You TonightINXS3:03
Nervous but ShyPretenders1:40
Never Tear Us ApartINXS3:04
New SensationINXS3:40
New YorkSex Pistols3:04
No FeelingsSex Pistols2:48
No Other BabyPaul McCartney4:18
North Country GirlPete Townshend2:27
Old Siam, SirWings4:11
On an Island (album version)David Gilmour6:47
On an Island (edit)David Gilmour4:42
On My WayINXS2:56
On My WayINXS2:55
One More ArrowElton John3:34
One Step CloserU23:52
One x OneINXS3:05
Pack It UpPretenders3:52
Paris 1919John Cale4:06
PartyPaul McCartney2:38
Party HardPulp4:00
PassengersElton John3:24
Pencil SkirtPulp3:11
Poor CowElton John3:51
Pop Song 2006Razorlight2:41
Postures (Leave Your Body Behind)Chris Thomas3:46
Power FailureProcol Harum4:37
Power in the DarknessTom Robinson Band4:57
Power in the Darkness (Edited version)Tom Robinson Band?:??
PreludePete Townshend1:32
Pretty VacantSex Pistols3:16
Pretty VacantSex Pistols3:20
PrincessElton John4:57
Private LifePretenders6:26
ProblemsSex Pistols4:10
Re‐Make/Re‐ModelBryan Ferry2:44
Red Red SunINXS3:32
Red Sky at Night (album version)David Gilmour2:51
ReligionElton John4:06
RestlessElton John5:16
Right on Sister (live, 1977-11-28: High Wycombe Town Hall, High Wycombe, UK)Tom Robinson Band3:25
Road RunnerChris Spedding2:49
Rock Me Again and Again and Again and Again and Again and Again (Six Times)The Human League3:35
Rockestra ThemeWings2:35
Rollin’ and Tumblin’The Strypes4:03
Rope Around a FoolElton John3:48
Rough BoysPete Townshend4:03
Run Devil RunPaul McCartney2:36
Runaway TrainElton John feat. Eric Clapton5:23
SacrificeElton John5:07
Sad Songs (Say So Much) (short intro)Elton John4:10
Sad Songs (Say So Much)Elton John4:47
SaintElton John5:20
Same DirectionINXS4:58
Sea BreezesBryan Ferry6:11
Secondhand LovePete Townshend4:13
Secondhand LovePete Townshend4:11
Seductive BarryPulp8:31
SerotoninMystery Jets3:25
SeventeenSex Pistols2:01
Shake a HandPaul McCartney3:52
Shame, Shame, ShameBryan Ferry3:16
She Said YeahPaul McCartney2:07
Shine Like It DoesINXS3:05
Show MeThe Pretenders4:09
Show Me the LightMystery Jets3:08
Silver BulletChris Spedding4:00
Simple SisterProcol Harum5:50
Since God Invented GirlsElton John4:39
Sleeping With the PastElton John4:54
Slit SkirtsPete Townshend4:51
Slit SkirtsPete Townshend5:02
Slit SkirtsPete Townshend5:02
Slow Down Georgie (She's Poison)Elton John4:10
Smile (album version)David Gilmour4:03
Smile (radio edit)David Gilmour3:49
So Glad to See You HereWings3:21
So HurtThe Human League3:54
Somebody Saved MePete Townshend4:52
Something About the Way You Look TonightElton John4:01
Sometimes You Can’t Make It on Your OwnU25:08
Space InvaderPretenders3:27
Spin It OnWings2:12
Spiteful ChildElton John4:12
Stardom in ActonPete Townshend3:42
StayShakespears Sister3:47
Stay (Andre Betts remix)Shakespears Sister3:49
Stay DumbChris Spedding2:49
Step Inside Love / Los ParanoiasThe Beatles2:31
Stones Throw From Hurtin'Elton John4:45
Stop Hurting PeoplePete Townshend3:55
Street LifeRoxy Music3:28
Street LifeRoxy Music3:06
Strictly ConfidentialRoxy Music3:48
SubmissionSex Pistols4:12
Suicide BlondeINXS3:52
Suicide BlondeINXS3:52
Surrender (radio mix)Roger Taylor3:42
Swinging LondonPretenders1:45
Take a Breath (album version)David Gilmour5:46
Talk of the TownPretenders2:46
Talk of the TownThe Pretenders3:14
Tattooed Love BoysPretenders2:59
Teenage LogicRazorlight3:40
The AdultressPretenders3:59
The Blue (album version)David Gilmour5:26
The BroadcastWings1:30
The Camera Never LiesElton John4:36
The Day After the RevolutionPulp5:52
The Day After the Revolution (long outro)Pulp14:58
The English RosesPretenders4:31
The FearPulp5:35
The Fear (The Complete and Utter Breakdown version)Pulp7:12
The Girl Is GoneMystery Jets3:41
The LebanonThe Human League5:52
The Lebanon (album version)The Human League5:05
The Lebanon (single version)The Human League3:44
The Lebanon (Instrumental)The Human League5:09
The Loved OneINXS3:37
The OneElton John5:53
The Phone CallPretenders2:29
The Price of LoveBryan Ferry3:28
The Price of Love (The R&B ’89 remix)Bryan Ferry3:25
The Sea Refuses No RiverPete Townshend5:53
The Sea Refuses No RiverPete Townshend5:55
The SignThe Human League3:49
The Sign (extended remix, version)The Human League4:50
The Sign (extended version)The Human League5:12
The StairsINXS4:56
The StairsINXS4:57
The Strangest Party (These Are the Times)INXS3:53
The Trap (demo)INXS2:31
The WaitPretenders3:36
The Winter of ’79Tom Robinson Band4:32
The World TonightThe Human League4:09
Then I Close My Eyes (album version)David Gilmour5:28
Thin Line Between Love and HatePretenders3:33
Thin Line Between Love and HateThe Pretenders3:40
Thin Line Between Love and HateThe Pretenders3:44
ThirteenThe Human League5:04
This Heaven (album version)David Gilmour4:25
This Is Hardcore (original version)Pulp6:25
This Is Hardcore (4 Hero remix)Pulp6:42
This Is Hardcore (End of the Line remix)Pulp2:06
This Is Hardcore (Stock, Hausen & Walkman remix)Pulp5:14
This Is Hardcore (Swedish Erotica remix)Pulp5:00
This TimeINXS3:11
Three SistersINXS2:28
ThumbelinaThe Pretenders3:18
Time the AvengerThe Pretenders4:56
Tiny DaggersINXS3:30
To YouWings3:12
Tomorrow Never LiesPulp4:50
Too Good to Be TrueTom Robinson Band3:35
Too Good to Be True (Edited version)Tom Robinson Band?:??
Too Low for ZeroElton John5:48
Town of PlentyElton John3:40
TV MoviePulp3:25
UniformsPete Townshend3:42
Uniforms (Corp D’Espirit)Pete Townshend3:42
Uniforms (Corp D’esprit)Pete Townshend?:??
Up Against the WallTom Robinson Band3:35
Up the NeckPretenders4:27
Waiting on a MiracleMystery Jets3:53
Waste Not Want NotPretenders3:45
Watching the ClothesThe Pretenders2:53
We Are the BoyzPulp3:14
We Can Dance Again (demo)Pulp3:51
We’re Open TonightWings1:28
Whaling StoriesProcol Harum7:07
What a ShameThe Strypes2:24
What It IsPaul McCartney2:23
What the People Don’t SeeThe Strypes2:56
What You NeedINXS3:36
Where Have All the Good Times Gone?Elton John3:59
Where We Start (album version)David Gilmour6:46
Whipping BoyElton John3:44
Whiskey TrainProcol Harum4:33
Whisky TrainProcol Harum4:32
WhispersElton John5:30
White City FightingPete Townshend4:41
White City FightingPete Townshend4:40
Who Needs Love?Razorlight3:32
Who Pays the PriceINXS3:37
Who Pays the PriceINXS3:38
Who Wears These Shoes?Elton John4:03
Wild in the StreetChris Spedding3:11
Wild LifeINXS3:10
Wild Wild WomenChris Spedding3:53
Winter Rose/Love AwakeWings4:59
Woman TroubleChris Spedding5:21
You Can Make History (Young Again)Elton John4:56
You Go to My HeadBryan Ferry2:43
You Gotta SurviveTom Robinson Band3:15
You Know My Name (Look Up the Number) (extended version)The Beatles5:43
Different Class (deluxe edition)Pulp
Different ClassPulp
Different ClassPulp
God Save the QueenSex Pistols
God Save the QueenSex Pistols
Help the AgedPulp
HysteriaThe Human League
On an IslandDavid Gilmour
On an IslandDavid Gilmour
On an IslandDavid Gilmour
SerotoninMystery Jets
Talk of the TownThe Pretenders
The BeatlesThe Beatles
The BeatlesThe Beatles
The BeatlesThe Beatles
The Beatles (stereo)The Beatles
The BeatlesThe Beatles
The Beatles (2009 stereo remaster)The Beatles
The Beatles (30th anniversary limited edition)The Beatles
The Beatles (mono)The Beatles
The Beatles (50th anniversary super deluxe edition)additionalThe Beatles
The BeatlesThe Beatles
The Beatles CollectionThe Beatles
The Beatles in MonoThe Beatles
The Beatles Stereo USB (2009 stereo remasters)The Beatles
This Is HardcorePulp
This Is Hardcore (deluxe edition)Pulp
This Is HardcorePulp
This Is Hardcore (includes This Is Glastonbury)Pulp
X (Made in Korea)INXS
X (foldout poster booklet)INXS
Forever in My DreamsPulp4:23
Kiss Off (live, 1990-11-08: Palace Theatre, Melbourne, Australia)Violent Femmes5:00
To the Kill (live, 1990-11-08: Palace, Melbourne, Australia)Violent Femmes?:??
(Keep Feeling) Fascination (7" version)The Human League3:45
(Keep Feeling) Fascination (extended version)The Human League4:58
Are We in Love YetShakespears Sister3:32
Laying Down the LawINXS & Jimmy Barnes4:29
By My Side
Rock of Ages