The Carter Family (The Original Carter Family, 1927-1943)

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Name ISRCs Rating Length
Homestead on the Farm 1:23
Homestead on the Farm 3:03
Honey in the Rock 2:58
How Many Songs Did You Record in Your Career? 1:05
How the Maybelle Style Developed 2:05
I Ain't Gonna Work Tomorrow 2:44
I Cannot Be Your Sweetheart 2:56
I Couldn't Care Less 2:51
I Found You Among the Roses 2:54
I Have an Aged Mother 3:22
I Have No Loving Mother Now 2:06
I Have No One to Love Me (But the Sailor on the Deep Blue Sea) 2:52
I Loved You Better Than You Knew 3:09
I Never Loved but One 2:57
I Never Will Marry GBEEJ0602120 2:38
I Walk the Line 2:08
I Was Born 4000 Years Ago 3:19
I Wonder How The Old Folks Are At Home / In The Highways 3:17
I Wouldn't Mind Dying 2:56
I'll Be All Smiles Tonight 3:17
I'll Be Home Some Day GBEEJ0602154 2:33
I'll Never Find Another You 2:46
I'll Never Forsake You 3:03
I'm Leaving You 2:39
I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry 2:40
I'm Thinking Tonight of My Blue Eyes 2:55
I'm Thinking Tonight Of My Blue Eyes 1:33
I'm Working on a Building 2:43
I’m Thinking Tonight of My Blue Eyes GBEEJ0602131 3:02
If One Won't Another Will 3:10
In a Little Village Churchyard 3:12
In the Highways 1:18
In the Shadow of Clinch Mountain 3:15
In the Shadow of the Pines 2:53
In the Sweet Bye and Bye ?:??
In the Valley of the Shenandoah 2:45
Intro & Theme / When Our Lord Shall Come Again 2:36
It Is Better Farther On 3:00
It'll Aggravate Your Soul 3:28
It'll Aggravate Your Soul 2:51
It's a Long, Long Road to Travel Alone 2:36
Jealous Hearted Me 2:40
Jealous Hearted Me 2:53
Jesse James 1:59
Jim Blake's Message 3:18
Jimmie Brown the Newsboy GBEEJ0602134 2:34
Jimmie Rodgers Visits the Carter Family 3:18
John Hardy Was a Desperate Little Man GBEEJ0602124 2:56
Just a Few More Days 2:58
Just A Few More Days Of Sorrow 2:28
Just Another Broken Heart GBEEJ0602149 3:10
Just Another Broken Heart 1:05
Keep on the Firing Line 3:05
Keep on the Sunny Side GBEEJ0602121 2:51
Keep on the Sunny Side 3:10
Keep on the Sunny Side 0:30
Keep on the Sunny Side (intro by Bob Dylan) ?:??
Kissin' Is a Crime 2:14
Kissing Is a Crime 2:36
Kitty Waltz GBEEJ0602135 3:06
Kitty Waltz 3:35
Lay My Head Beneath the Rose 2:46
Leaning on the Everlasting Arms 1:39
Less of Me 2:47
Let the Church Roll On 2:44
Let's Be Lovers Again 2:52
Little Darling Pal of Mine GBEEJ0602122 3:17
Little Darling Pal of Mine 3:38
Little Darling Pal of Mine 3:07
Little Girl That Played Upon My Knee 3:05
Little Joe 2:35
Little Joe 1:28
Little Log Cabin by the Sea DEC531048979 2:52
Little Log Cabin by the Sea 1:10
Little Moses 3:12
Little Moses 1:42
Little Poplar House on the Hill 2:41
Lonesome for You 2:48
Lonesome for You Darling 3:06
Lonesome Homesick Blues 2:31
Lonesome Pine Special GBEEJ0602148 2:59
Lonesome Valley GBEEJ0602145 2:41
Lonesome Valley 2:59
Longing for Old Virginia GBEEJ0602137 3:00
Look Away From the Cross 2:41
Look How This World Has Made a Change 3:02
Lord, I'm in Your Care 3:02
Lover's Farewell 3:04
Lover's Lane 2:58
Lover's Return 3:06
Lulu Wall GBEEJ0602133 2:51
March Winds Gonna Blow My Blues All Away 2:46
Meet Me by the Moonlight Alone 3:18
Meet Me by the Moonlight Alone 2:57
Meeting in the Air 2:33
Mid the Green Fields of Virginia 2:48
Motherless Children 3:37
My Clinch Mountain Home GBEEJ0602125 3:11
My Clinch Mountain Home 2:55
My Dixie Darling 2:59

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