The Carter Family (the original Carter Family, 1927–1943)

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The original Carter Family performing from 1927 to 1943.
Note that for later generations of the family there’s the later Carter Family. Use that artist for Johnny Cash related material, not this one.

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1995On Border Radio, Vol. 1The Carter Family1
1997On Border Radio, Vol. 2The Carter Family1
1999On Border Radio, Vol. 3The Carter Family1
2006Diamonds in the RoughThe Carter Family1
2019Across GenerationsThe Carter Family1

Album + Compilation

1967Country Sounds of the Original Carter FamilyThe Carter Family1
1984The Original Carter Family In Texas Volume 1The Carter Family1
1991Clinch Mountain TreasuresThe Carter Family1
1991The Country Music Hall of Fame: The Carter FamilyThe Carter Family1
1993Anchored in Love: Their Complete Victor Recordings, 1927-1928The Carter Family1
1993My Clinch Mountain Home: Their Complete Victor Recordings, 1928-1929The Carter Family1
1995Worried Man Blues: Their Complete Victor Recordings 1930The Carter Family1
1995When the Roses Bloom in Dixieland - 1929-1930 - Complete Victor RecordingsThe Carter Family1
1996Sunshine in the Shadows: Their Complete Victor Recordings 1931-1932The Carter Family1
1997Country by the Carter FamilyThe Carter Family1
1997Give Me the Roses While I Live: Their Complete Victor Recordings 1932-1933The Carter Family1
1998The Best of the Best of the Original Carter FamilyOriginal Carter Family1
1998Last Sessions: Their Complete Victor Recordings 1934-1941The Carter Family1
1998Gold Watch and Chain: Their Complete Victor Recordings, 1933-34The Carter Family1
1998Longing for Old Virginia: Their Complete Victor Recordings (1934)The Carter Family1
2000The Best of the Carter Family, Volume One: Keep on the Sunny SideThe Carter Family1
2000Can the Circle Be UnbrokenThe Carter Family1
2000In the Shadow of Clinch MountainThe Carter Family1
2001The CollectionThe Carter Family1
2002The Carter Family 1927-1934The Carter Family51
2003The Best of the Carter FamilyThe Carter Family1
2003Sunshine in the ShadowsThe Carter Family1
2003Country & Folk RootsThe Carter Family1
2003The Carter Family Volume 2 1935-1941The Carter Family41
2004RCA Country LegendsThe Carter Family1
2004A Proper Introduction To The Carter Family - Keep On The Sunny SideThe Carter Family1
2004Keep on the Sunny SideThe Carter Family1
2005The Best of the Carter Family: The Millennium CollectionThe Carter Family1
2007Can the Circle Be UnbrokenThe Carter Family1
2008Wildwood FlowerThe Carter Family32
2016The Absolutely Essential 3 CD CollectionThe Carter Family1
2017American Epic: The Best of the Carter FamilyThe Carter Family1

Album + Compilation + Live

1997The Land of Many ChurchesMerle Haggard and and The Strangers with Special Guests Bonnie Owens & The Carter Family1


1927The Poor Orphan Child / The Wandering BoyThe Carter Family1
1928Bury Me Under the Weeping Willow / Little Log Cabin by the SeaThe Carter Family1
1928Single Girl, Married Girl / The Storms Are on the OceanThe Carter Family1
1928River of Jordan / Keep on the Sunny SideThe Carter Family1
1928I Ain't Goin' to Work Tomorrow / Chewing GumThe Carter Family1
1928Little Darling Pal of Mine / Will You Miss Me When I'm GoneThe Carter Family1
1929Wildwood Flower / Forsaken LoveThe Carter Family1
1929I Have No One to Love Me / Anchored in LoveThe Carter Family1
1929My Clinch Mountain Home / The Foggy Mountain TopThe Carter Family1
1929Engine One-Forty-Three / I'm Thinking To-Night of My Blue EyesThe Carter Family1
1929Little Moses / God Gave Noah the Rainbow SignThe Carter Family1
1929Sweet Fern / Lulu WallThe Carter Family1
1929Diamonds in the Rough / The Grave on the Green HillsideThe Carter Family1
1930John Hardy Was a Desperate Little Man / Bring Back My Blue-Eyed Boy to MeThe Carter Family1
1930The Homestead on the Farm / The Cyclone of RyecoveThe Carter Family1
1930Worried Man Blues / The Cannon-BallThe Carter Family1
1934Happy or Lonesome / The East Virginia BluesThe Carter Family1
1934I'll Be Home Some Day / There'll Be Joy Joy JoyThe Carter Family1
1934I'm Working on the Building / It'll Aggravate Your SoulThe Carter Family1
1934The Lovers Return / Darling DaisiesThe Carter Family1
1935Can The Circle Be Unbroken (Bye And Bye) / Glory To The LambThe Carter Family1
1935Gathering Flowers From the Hillside / Don't Forget Me Little DarlingThe Carter Family1
1935Wildwood Flower / Little Darling Pal of MineThe Carter Family1
1936Jealous Hearted Me / My Native HomeThe Carter Family1
1936There's No One Like Mother to Me / No Depression in HeavenThe Carter Family1
1938If One Won't Another One Will / Wabash Cannon BallThe Carter Family1
1938Poor Orphan Child / Single Girl, Married GirlThe Carter Family1

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