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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
The Extras Murs feat. Big Texas & Evanescent 3:25
The Fountainhead (I Know '06) Belief feat. Murs 3:20
The Hurt Mr. Len feat. Jean Grae & Murs 4:26
The Intro Murs & 9th Wonder 3:10
The Jerry Maguire Song (clean version) Murs 4:04
The Lick Murs & 9th Wonder feat. Verbs 3:45
The Maguire Song Murs 4:31
The Night Before... Murs 4:38
The Only One Murs 4:52
The Other Mind Murs & Fashawn 4:42
The Other Side Murs & Fashawn 8:00
The Pain Murs 4:05
The Pain Murs ?:??
The Pain Murs 4:04
The Pain Is Gone Murs QMBZ91339132 3:22
The Problem Is... Murs & 9th Wonder feat. Sick Jacken & Uncle Chucc 3:38
The Saint Murs 4:37
The Science Murs 4:55
The Scuffle Murs 3:44
The Sermon Murs 0:59
The Shutters Murs & 9th Wonder feat. Reuben Vincent & Bad Lucc 3:13
The Two Step Murs feat. Pigeon John ?:??
The Two Step (instrumental) Murs ?:??
The Worst Murs 3:35
The Y.O.C. (interlude) Murs 2:38
There Will Be Blood Mystik Journeymen feat. Murs & Scarub 3:53
They Listen to This Greenhouse Effect feat. Murs 4:33
They Still Call Me MURS Murs 3:31
Think You Know Me Murs 4:01
This Generation Murs & Fashawn feat. Adrian 3:25
This Is Your Day Kurupt feat. Uncle Chucc & Murs 4:29
Thought Process Eligh feat. Murs and John O'Kennedy on guitar 3:58
Thought Process Murs feat. Eligh 4:00
Throw Up Slug & Eyedea feat. Murs 4:34
Time Is Now Murs feat. Snoop Dogg 4:55
To a Black Boy Danger Mouse & Murs 3:23
To a Black Boy Danger Mouse & Murs 1:36
To a Black Boy Danger Mouse & Murs 3:11
To Protect and Entertain Busy P feat. Murs 3:04
To Protect and Entertain Busy P feat. Murs 3:06
To Protect and Entertain Busy P Feat. Murs 3:14
To Protect and Entertain (Crookers remix) (part of a “Ministry of Sound: Sessions Six” DJ‐mix) Busy P & Murs 2 3:58
Tomorrow Murs 3:46
Too Advanced Murs 2:24
Transitions az a Ridah Murs 3:26
Trap Luv Murs feat. Brooke Taylor 4:01
Trevor an' Them Murs 1:35
Two Step Murs feat. King Fantastic 3:06
U Might Knock This CMA feat. Murs ?:??
U Might Knock This... CMA feat. Murs 3:46
UHB Radio Eligh feat. Murs, The Grouch & Kool Savas 2:57
Universal L.A. Symphony feat. Murs 3:38
Unsigned Men Murs feat. Kirby Dominant 5:20
Until the End Awar feat. Nottz, Murs & P. Jericho 3:40
Untitled People Under the Stairs feat. Scarub & Murs 4:56
Untitled Slug feat. Murs 4:08
Up All Night Reverie & Louden feat. Murs 3:40
Ups and Downs Murs feat. Supreeme 4:14
Varsity Blues Murs 4:05
Varsity Blues Murs 4:08
Verse One Murs ?:??
Vikki Veil Murs & 9th Wonder 3:31
Wait… Back It Up Murs & 9th Wonder 3:05
Wait…back It Up Murs & 9th Wonder 3:05
Walk Like A God Murs & 9th Wonder feat. Rapsody & Propaganda 4:05
Walk Like a Man Murs 4:39
Walk Like a Man Murs ?:??
Walk Like a Man (part of Wick-it the Instigator - Your Mom's Favorite Mixtape, Volume One) Murs 0:47
Walk Like a Woman Murs & 9th Wonder 6:12
Wanna Be High Murs feat. Big Too Big USZHR1600256 3:51
Way Tight Murs 3:30
Way Tight (remix) Murs 2:51
We Ballin' Murs feat. Kurupt & Jay Rock 3:27
Welcome Murs 2:10
West Coast Cinderella Murs & 9th Wonder 3:52
Westside Love Murs ?:??
What Do You Know? Murs 4:05
What Do You Know? (snippet) Murs 1:28
What Do You Know? (Snippet) Murs 1:28
Whatever It Takes DJ JS‐1 feat. Murs & Fashawn 2:57
Whatuptho Murs & 9th Wonder 3:35
Whatuptho? Murs 0:47
Where's the Beef? Black Panther feat. Murs 3:17
Wheres the Beef? Murs 3:19
Wherever You Are Murs & 9th Wonder 2:43
Which One Tech N9ne feat. Godemis & Murs 2:57
Woke Up Dead Murs 2:56
Writer's Blues Murs feat. The Underbosses 3:23
Xmas and Thanksgiving Murs USZHR1600249 2:33
Yellow Tape Murs & Fashawn feat. Krondon 2:50
Yesterday & Today Murs & 9th Wonder 3:35
You Again ¡Mayday! x Murs 4:57
You and I Murs 3:14
You Want My Move? Murs 4:51
You're Dead to Me Murs 4:19
Zip It The Grouch feat. Murs & Luckyiam.PSC 4:53
Zones ¡Mayday! x Murs 3:30
Zonin' Murs feat. Eclipse 427 5:01

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