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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Democrassy Murs 4:27
Desperation Eligh feat. Scarub & Murs 4:31
Dibbs Did This Shit (interlude) Murs 2:10
Dodger Blues Murs 5:18
Dominant Freestyle Murs 4:27
Done Deal Murs feat. 3MG 3:29
Down in 'Dena Murs 3:50
Dreadlocks Murs ?:??
Dream On Murs feat. Dee-1 ?:??
Dreamchaser Murs & 9th Wonder 2:34
Drunk Dial CunninLynguists feat. Murs & Grieves 5 3:43
Ease Back Murs 2:27
Eazy-E Murs ?:??
Edge of the World Jonathan Emile feat. Murs 4:30
Ego Trippin Sup the Chemist feat. Murs & Shake 3:18
Eighteen to Twenty-One BK-One with Benzilla feat. Murs 3:01
Enjoy (West Coastin') 9th Wonder feat. Warren G, Murs & Kendrick Lamar 3:23
Enlighten Guts feat. Cody ChesnuTT & Murs 3:27
Epic Salutations Murs ?:??
Everyday Krewcial feat. Murs ?:??
Everything Murs 3:34
Expectations Terrace Martin feat. Murs, Bad Lucc & Lovely Jean 5:34
Eye for an Eye Murs 4:03
Failure Ain't an Option Dee-1 feat. Murs & Tabi Bonney 4:00
Falling in Flames Murs 3:08
Fck It Dumbfoundead feat. Breezy Lovejoy, Nina Katsuya & Murs 4:20
Fill My Drink Up Murs, Luckyiam.PSC, Eligh, The Grouch & Aesop 4:24
Final Frontier (remix) Vast Aire feat. Blueprint, Aesop Rock, Murs, RJD2 4:04
Final Frontier (remix) Murs feat. RJD2, Blueprint, Vast Aire & Aesop Rock ?:??
Final Frontier (RJD2 remix) RJD2 feat. Aesop Rock, Blueprint, Murs & Vast Aire 4:11
Final Frontier Remix RJD2 feat. Blueprint, Aesop Rock, Vast Aire & Murs 4:11
First Contact The Opus feat. Lord360, Murs, Iselfdevine 5:09
First Contact (Cuts by DJ Oats) The Opus feat. Lord360, Murs & Iselfdivine 5:04
First Love Blues Murs 4:08
Fools Gold ¡Mayday! x Murs 3:08
Fornever Murs & 9th Wonder feat. Kurupt 3:38
Forward Motion Murs feat. Eligh, Eson & T.S. 4:18
Freak These Tales Murs 4:28
Free Murs & 9th Wonder 3:31
Freehand Murs ?:??
Freehand 2 Murs 2:43
Fresh Kicks Terrace Martin feat. Murs ?:??
Fuck Heroes Luckyiam.PSC feat. Eligh, Murs, Sunspot Jonz & Slug 6:18
FUCK HEROES Luckyiam.PSC feat. Slug, Eligh, Murs & Sunspot Jonz 6:18
Fuck Ya Hip-Hop ScHoolboy Q feat. Rapper Big Pooh & Murs 3:15
Funeral for a Killer Murs & 9th Wonder 4:09
Future Love Murs & Fashawn 3:15
Future Love Murs feat. Fashawn 3:15
Get Naked Murs & 9th Wonder feat. Problem 3:53
Get Together Murs & 9th Wonder feat. Rapsody 2:46
Get Up Foreign Heights feat. Murs 2:46
Getyourmindright Belief feat. Murs & A.G. 4:10
Give You My All ¡Mayday! x Murs 3:11
God Black/Black God Murs & 9th Wonder 3:06
God's Work Murs 4:24
God's Work Murs 4:22
God's Work Murs 4:23
Gods Gone Crazy Murs 5:13
Good Side CMA feat. Murs 4:10
Good Things Die Ugly Heroes feat. Murs US6R21416304 4:01
Got Damned? Murs 4:19
Gypsy's 98 Murs feat. Eligh, & Scarub 5:33
H-U-S-T-L-E Murs 3:43
Hands Up Potluck feat. Murs and Mistah Fab 4:02
Happy Pills Murs feat. Aesop Rock 4:56
Happy Pillz Murs feat. Aesop Rock 4:57
Hard (A Monster Made It) Tech N9ne feat. Murs 3:58
Hardcore Bitches ¡Mayday! feat. Murs 3:49
Have a Nice Life Murs 3:31
Heartbreaks & Handcuffs Murs & Fashawn 3:16
Heaven Murs 3:49
Hellz Angelz Sunspot Jonz feat. Murs 4:25
Here ¡Mayday! x Murs 3:41
Hip Hop & Love Tabi Bonney feat. Murs ?:??
Hip Hop & Love Murs feat. Tabi Bonney ?:??
Hip-Hop & Love Ski Beatz feat. Tabi Bonney & Murs 3:00
His Name Is... Twigy feat. The Grouch & Murs 4:27
How To Rob With Rob Murs & 9th Wonder 2:26
Hustle (remix) Murs ?:??
I Did It Like That Murs 3:18
I Hate Your Boyfriend Murs 4:24
I Miss Mikey Murs 3:46
I Used to Luv Her (Again) Murs & 9th Wonder 6:16
I'm Innocent Murs 3:54
If This Should End Murs & 9th Wonder 3:26
In the Zone Murs 3:03
In This Oh No feat. Murs 3:29
International Murs ?:??
Interview With the Dominant Murs 2:51
Intro Murs 1:41
Intro Murs 1:48
Intro ¡Mayday! x Murs 0:58
Introducing The Brain Busters Murs & 2Mex 4:07
Introducing the Brainbusters Murs feat. 2Mex 4:07
Introducing the Brainbusters 2Mex feat. Murs 4:09
Investigating Muthafuckas (At Micky D's in Holland 95) Mystik Journeymen feat. Murs ?:??
It Could Be You Eligh feat. Luckyiam.PSC, Murs & Aesop 5:50
It Could Be You Murs feat. Aesop, Luckyiam.PSC & Eligh 5:52
It's for Real Murs & 9th Wonder 3:16
It's Over Murs & 9th Wonder 3:24

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