Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
A Fifth of Beethoven Transmutator 3:55
A View to a Kill Transmutator 4:40
A View to a Kill Part 2 Transmutator 4:43
Auto-Drip Grind Transmutator 5:14
Auto-Drip Grind Transmutator 5:16
Blitz Transmutator 4:41
Brighton Rock (UVX mix) Transmutator 5:50
Crazy Lady Transmutator 5:26
Crazy Lady Transmutator 3:25
Cyberia (Mutation Mix) Transmutator 5:02
Cyberium Transmutator 5:01
Cyberium (Mutation mix) Transmutator 4:57
Destroy Transmutator 4:22
Equal Opportunity Slut Transmutator 5:24
Erotica Razed in Black vs. Transmutator 4:49
Excuses Transmutator 5:11
Funky Disco Mix (LCD mix) Transmutator 4:31
God Moving Over the Face of the Waters Transmutator 4:54
I Want Candy Transmutator 4:07
I'm Rollin' Transmutator 4:10
Look of Love Transmutator 4:39
Macho Man Transmutator 5:01
Maximum Transmutator 5:03
My Wonderful Friend Transmutator 4:01
My Wonderful Friend Transmutator 4:01
My Wonderful Friend (12 Inch) Transmutator 3:58
My Wonderful Friend (Astralasia mix) Transmutator 6:16
My Wonderful Friend (Children of Dub mix) Transmutator 5:48
My Wonderful Friend (Deranged mix) Transmutator 5:17
Orion Transmutator 5:41
Pull the Trigger Transmutator 6:04
Purification (Floating mix) Transmutator 5:05
Soul Cleanser (extended) Transmutator 6:54
Soul Cleanser (Purification) Transmutator 4:56
Spiritual House Transmutator 5:01
State of Mind (extended) Transmutator 6:12
Submission Transmutator 5:20
Take Over Transmutator 5:04
Temptation Transmutator feat. Joy Bumpass 5:00
The Colony of Sluts Transmutator 5:07
The Lover Transmutator feat. Chris G. 5:26
The Lover Transmutator 5:24
The_lover.2 (radio mix) (feat. Chris G.) Transmutator 5:27
Too Late Transmutator 4:56
Tranqualizer Transmutator 3:34
Tranquilizer Transmutator 4:22
View to a Kill Transmutator 4:47

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