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DateTitleCredited AsAttributesArtistLength
1947-08-22Cool BreezeDizzy Gillespie2:44
1947-08-22Ool-Ya-KooDizzy Gillespie2:49
1947-08-22Oop‐Pop‐A‐DaDizzy Gillespie and His Orchestra3:15
1947-08-22Ow!Dizzy Gillespie2:58
1947-08-22Stay on ItDizzy Gillespie3:13
1947-08-22Two Bass HitDizzy Gillespie and His Orchestra2:48
1947-09-29Cool BreezeCharlie Parker & Dizzy Gillespie5:13
1947-09-29Cubano‐Be, Cubano‐BopCharlie Parker & Dizzy Gillespie7:16
1947-09-29Hot HouseCharlie Parker & Dizzy Gillespie5:03
1947-09-29NearnessCharlie Parker & Dizzy Gillespie3:59
1947-09-29One Bass HitCharlie Parker & Dizzy Gillespie5:20
1947-09-29Oop‐Pop‐A‐DaCharlie Parker & Dizzy Gillespie7:38
1947-09-29Relaxin’ at CamarilloCharlie Parker & Dizzy Gillespie2:42
1947-09-29Salt PeanutsCharlie Parker & Dizzy Gillespie5:12
1947-09-29Things to ComeCharlie Parker & Dizzy Gillespie3:01
1947-09-29Toccata for TrumpetCharlie Parker & Dizzy Gillespie3:18
1947-12-22Cool BreezeDizzy Gillespie and His Orchestra2:50
1947-12-30Ool‐Ya‐KooDizzy Gillespie and His Orchestra2:54
1947Keep a Knockin' / Jingle Bells / Oopapada / SugarHelen O’Connell, Leo Watson, Dizzy Gillespie, Ken Hagood & Billie Holiday3:32
1948-02-28'round About MidnightDizzy Gillespie8:45
1948-02-28'Round MidnightDizzy Gillespie8:48
1948-02-28Afro Cuban SuiteDizzy Gillespie6:11
1948-02-28Afro-Cuban Drum SuiteDizzy Gillespie5:48
1948-02-28Algo BuenoDizzy Gillespie3:23
1948-02-28Algo Bueno (Woody'n You)Dizzy Gillespie3:16
1948-02-28Algo Bueno Woody'n YouDizzy Gillespie3:16
1948-02-28Good BaitDizzy Gillespie5:16
1948-02-28I Can't Get StartedDizzy Gillespie3:58
1948-02-28I Can't Get StartedDizzy Gillespie3:47
1948-02-28Ool-Ya-KooDizzy Gillespie5:10
1948-02-28Oop-Pop-A-DaDizzy Gillespie4:54
1948-02-28Things to ComeDizzy Gillespie3:07
1948-02-28Things to ComeDizzy Gillespie3:18
1948-02-28Two Bass HitDizzy Gillespie4:01
1948-07-02All the Things You Are (1948 Blue Note studio recording, matrix # BN326-3)Kenny "Pancho" Hagood with the Thelonious Monk Quartet2:59
1948-07-02I Should Care (1948 Blue Note studio recording, matrix # BN327-2, master take)lead vocalsKenny "Pancho" Hagood with the Thelonious Monk Quartet3:01
1948-07-02I Should Care (1948 Blue Note studio recording, matrix # BN327-2, master take)Kenny "Pancho" Hagood with the Thelonious Monk Quartet3:01
1948-07-02I Should Care (alternate take) (1948 Blue Note studio recording, matrix # BN327-1, alternate take)Thelonious Monk3:03
1948-09-04GodchildMiles Davis & His Tuba Band5:46
1948-09-04Hallucinations (Budo) #1Miles Davis & His Tuba Band2:49
1948-09-04Moon Dreams #1Miles Davis & His Tuba Band3:03
1948-09-04S'il Vous PlaitMiles Davis & His Tuba Band4:20
1948-09-04Why Do I Love You?Miles Davis & His Tuba Band3:38
1948-09-13I Think I’ll Go AwayTadd Dameron3:17
1948-09-18Darn That DreamMiles Davis & His Tuba Band4:13
1948-09-18Hallucinations (Budo) #2Miles Davis & His Tuba Band4:12
1948-09-18Moon Dreams #2Miles Davis & His Tuba Band3:35
1948-09-18MoveMiles Davis & His Tuba Band4:37
1949-03-18Oo-Bla-DeeMary Lou Williams Orchestra2:43
1950-03-09Darn That DreamMiles Davis3:25
1950-03-09Darn That Dreamlead vocalsMiles Davis3:25
All the Things You Are (1948 Blue Note studio recording, matrix # BN326-3)lead vocalsKenny "Pancho" Hagood with the Thelonious Monk Quartet2:59
Darn That Dream (live)lead vocalsMiles Davis4:24
Oo-Bla-DeeMary Lou Williams2:43
Oop-Pop-A-DaKenneth Hagood & The EnsembleDizzy Gillespie and His Orchestra3:08
Shorty BooMary Lou Williams2:53
Why Do I Love You (live)lead vocalsMiles Davis3:42